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Bucs GM Jason Licht Burner Account: Real or Hoax?


Tampa Bay Bucs GM Jason Licht found himself in the headlines for a bizarre, yet hilarious reason in the past 24 hours. According to some speculation from Joe Praino and Andy Ruther of The Dirty Sports Podcast, Licht is the man behind a pro-Winston account and 400-page Jameis Winston book.

The duo put together a heap of evidence in a YouTube video that even included audio interviews from Licht and the man behind the pro-Jameis account @jameis1of1.

When you listen to the interviews from both men, it is hard not to notice the strikingly similar sound and cadence of their voices. Even more bizarrely, both men seem to parrot very similar talking points regarding the Buccaneers quarterback.

And for even more proof, they take similar hiatuses from social media on gamedays.

Here is the alleged evidence that Jason Licht is @jameis1of1:

Then, some internet conspiracy researchers also dug up this coincidence.

Same recovery phone on his real Twitter account AND the Yahoo email address he used to create the second Twitter account:

I didn't believe it at first, but this is hard to deny pic.twitter.com/42bi73GqVc

— roarmalf (@iranoutofcharac) October 30, 2019

So, is Jason Licht really running a burner account and selling an Amazon book in support of the Tampa Bay Bucs quarterback?

While it would be fun if the rumors were true, NFL writer Mike Freeman put an end to our dreams on Wednesday morning. Freeman says he spoke with multiple sources who said that Licht is not the man behind the account.

“People I trust are saying it’s definitely NOT the Bucs GM. So is this some elaborate hoax or con? Gotta say if it is, it’s a damn good one,” Freeman wrote on Twitter. “Okay, definitive hell no from several people who would definitely know: it’s NOT Licht. I repeat: it’s not him. Definitively. 100 percent not him. Story over. Carry on with your lives.”

And for what it is worth, @jameis1of1 has apparently accepted an offer to appear on the Pardon My Take podcast to clear the air after denying that he is Licht, so get your popcorn ready.

I need 💤😴💤

Look 4 my interview w/ @BarstoolBigCat on his @PardonMyTake podcast today @ 6pm EST

Do NOT take my silence over the next 7 hrs or so as some kind of "admission of guilt"; a man needs 2 sleep sometimes

Your questions will be answered in the interview Lord willing

— Author Jameis1of1 (@jameis1of1) October 30, 2019

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