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Instagram Model Makes $1.5M a Year Flaunting Her Oversized Assets


Social media influencer Andrea Vasile is cashing in big thanks to her assets on Instagram. Andrea, who goes by Andrea Abeli on Instagram, has racked up more than 3.1 million followers and claims to earn $1.5 million a year in some big booty bucks.

According to the New York Post, Andrea — who is from Bucharest, Romania — cashes in on $500 to $5,000 per post and rarely ever shows her face on her account.

Instead, it’s her abundance of sponsored posts and butt shots that rake in the cash.

“I am known for my honesty and not cutting corners,” Vasile said. “I am blunt about my plastic surgeries. I’m always trying to combine humor and sex appeal to make entertaining content.”

She seems to have a winning formula, needing only two years to amass her more than 3 million followers.

Instagram model says she makes $1.5M a year by posting big butt pics https://t.co/C4GV8TlSxn pic.twitter.com/G73K11qr9w

— New York Post (@nypost) October 8, 2019

Andrea’s main Instagram account is set to private, along with her backup account which also features an impressive 308,000 followers. For those who can’t get enough of the Instagram model on social media, she set up a $6.99 thirst trap on Only Fans to provide exclusive photos and videos to any subscribers.

Along with sharing photos of her butt on the ‘Gram, Andrea claims to have run a marketing agency since 2014 where she specializes in “consulting with up-and-coming influencers who want to know how they can make it big on the photo-sharing platform.” She also claims to have studied law and earned a master’s degree.

The United States of America truly is the land of opportunity.

And while you wait for Andrea to accept your follow request on Instagram, you can check out some photos from Twitter below.


— Andrea Abeli (@andrea_abeli) December 20, 2018

Have a wonderful weekend 😘 pic.twitter.com/UfCjjvn3US

— Andrea Abeli (@andrea_abeli) December 21, 2018

#casual pic.twitter.com/UiLqmLhNnA

— Andrea Abeli (@andrea_abeli) December 18, 2018

MORNING! What’s your favorite thing for breakfast? I’m addicted to French toast😩😩|
Shot by 📸 @PhotoMillz pic.twitter.com/gJWAyy157A

— Andrea Abeli (@andrea_abeli) December 16, 2018

Just a casual day wearing my @FashionNova 😛 pic.twitter.com/oawBn1jrQM

— Andrea Abeli (@andrea_abeli) December 11, 2018

Let this just go to show that you should never give up on your friends, folks. At the very least, find a thirsty friend with a camera who is willing to take some photos of you that you can then post online showing off your best side.


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