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Emilia Clarke Gives In-Depth Interview About ‘Game Of Thrones’ Final Season


Now that HBO has finally released the first (and likely only) trailer for Game Of Thrones final season, fans and media outlets alike have finally been given something to obsess over until the season eight premiere finally drops on April 14.

However, while fans have finally been treated to a look at the remaining six episodes of the epic HBO fantasy drama, that’s likely all they’ll get until the premiere, as HBO has been famously tight-lipped about the details about Thrones’ final run.

So, outside of the lone trailer recently provided by HBO, they only place fans have been able to get additional details about the remaining six episodes are through interviews with cast members, such as Emilia Clarke’s latest sit down with Harper’s Bazaar.

Touching on topics ranging from shooting the final season of Game Of Thrones, her daily perfume, and her after-work routine, Clarke also included some interesting tidbits about the upcoming six episodes.

Despite both starring since the first season, Clarke had never shared a scene with Sophie Turner — the actress who plays Sansa Stark — until this eighth and final season and discussed what it was like to share a scene with her “really good friend.”

via Harper’s Bazaar:

What was it like sharing a scene with Sophie Turner for the first time?

“It was lovely. She’s a really good friend of mine, so it was very fun, it was very silly, it was very then like, “Oh! We’re doing this now, we’re having like an actor discussion,” as opposed to just me and Sophie. With all of those scenes meeting new people, it felt like every day was a little party.”

What was it like filming your last scene on Game of Thrones? Was it immediate tears or champagne and celebration?

I started to do a little speech, not because I’m a pretentious actor, but because every time we said goodbye to a character, David [Benioff] and Dan [Weiss], the showrunners would give us a gift and the crew would be around and everyone would stop and you’d sort of say a few words and it was really beautiful. I mean, I got three words in before I just completely broke down. You just hold it in and you’re holding it in and you’re holding it in, and then I just burst into tears like a complete idiot.

Then we cracked open the champagne, but it was then that I realized that alcohol is a depressant! So it was less a celebratory champagne, it was more kind of like, [pretends to sob] “We did it! We got to the finish line!”

From the teasers, we’ve seen Sansa meeting Daenerys and Drogon flying over Winterfell, two juxtapositions we’ve never seen before. What was it like for you bringing Dany to this foreign new place and meeting the Starks for that opening scene?

It’s really surreal. I mean, you play into what it feels like for the character as well, because it’s new and it’s odd, and you’re coming into someone else’s turf and you’ve got a lot of actors that you know really well, who were like, “This is our home.” Then you come in and you’re like, “I know this only from the television; I’ve never been in this space here before in my life.”

But also I must admit for the character, I felt it. I felt with every one of those moments that obviously the show is packed to the gills with. I felt for her. I was like, “Yes! Here we are! We’re in, we’re speaking with Sansa, we are that much closer.” It felt great. Very, very exhilarating.

While we pulled all of the Game Of Thrones quotes here, head over to Harper’s Bazaar for yourself to check out the rest of Clarke’s interview.

And check out all of our extensive Game Of Thrones coverage as we head into the epic final season.

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