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National Bikini Day 2017: Top 10 Hottest Bikini Videos Online


National Bikini Day has arrived. It’s time to bask in the beauty of the beach. Look around and see the wonderful sights, from the gorgeous blue horizon above calming waves to the sexiest sight in skintight swimwear.

Wednesday, July 5th, 2017, is the official date set to celebrate National Bikini Day. How do you plan on honoring this time of hot bikini fun?

If you’ve checked out my bikini articles from today, you’ve probably already went through all the funny bikini memes, sexy photos and GIFs. Meanwhile, you’re probably wondering where all the best bikini videos are at. Well, worry no longer bro of the internet. It’s time to bring you: the top 10 hottest bikini videos you can find online…

Bikini Model Fitness

Here is an amazing sight on the beach. This video was uploaded to YouTube on August 2, 2016, and has  already ranked up over 152 thousand views. The lady in the video makes her beautiful environment an even greater paradise…

A Crazy Amount of Bikini Models

This video starts out small with one hottie, but then expands to dozens of models piled up on each other (literally). At 5:54 mark, we see model after model lying on the wet sand by the water. They are bunched up next to each other like sardines. It’s quite the sight…

Chillin’ in the Hot Tub

It can be very relaxing, hanging in a hot tub. I couldn’t think of a more pleasurable experience….or can I?

Maybe try some Yoga

I’ve always heard so many great things about yoga (plus some remarks from haters who never tried it). I took a yoga class for one semester in junior college, and I almost achieved nirvana. But let’s just say, the instructor didn’t look like this…

But what about the Micro Bikini?

Size matters, folks. Whether it’s your paycheck, swimsuit, brain, muscles or whatever else. But have you ever heard of the micro bikini?

International Bikini Babes

Women are beautiful all around the world. It’s almost down to a science. Here are the top bikini babes for around the globe…

The Evolution of Bikinis

This one is a mixture of educational and hot. We see the evolution of bikinis from the 1890s all the way to 2015 (when the video was released). See how women’s swimwear changed over the years. Plus, the video model Amanda Cerny is a knockout…

Introducing Mya Dalbesio

Mya is an incredible goddess of the beach. She’s more stunning than an electric eel, with a hot look that rivals the sun…

Jessica Gomez is Too Hot

Let’s go down under to Sydney, Australia, with Jessica Gomez.

From Russia with Vita Sidorkina

Vita pops her Sports Illustrated cherry in this photo shoot. This is the first time she has ever modeled for that publication, and let’s just say she didn’t disappoint. She makes Mother Russia proud.

Bonus: Behind the Scenes of “Evolution of the Bikini”

And just in case you’re wondering how this viral video was made, I’ll throw it in as a bonus. Here’s a more in-depth look into the process of the bikini evolution…

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