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You’ll Never Guess Who These Animals Picked To Win The Super Bowl!!!


Super Bowl Lead

Watching animals make their pick for who they think will win Super Bowl XLIX might seem like a waste of time–and that’s because it is. We make no attempt to tell you otherwise.

But that doesn’t mean it’s boring. As was the case last year, sometimes watching these videos is more exciting than the actual game. That’s why devoted our resources (interns) to scouring YouTube for every video we could find of various animals (zoo animals, pets, etc.) making their Super Bowl predictions.

Here’s what we learned:

• 9/13 animals picked the Seahawks

• Of the big animals (bears, bulls, elephants, big cats) 3 chose the Patriots and 3 chose the Seahawks

• The kids with the guinea pigs really don’t know much about football

Teddy Bear The Porcupine picks: Seahawks

Winston the Psychic Dog picks: Seahawks


Tiger picks: Patriots

*To be fair, he touched the Seahawks car first. Plus unlike other totally real tests, this one involved humans driving the carts.

Waffles The Cat picks: Seahawks

Bushwhacker The Bull picks: Seahawks


Ozzy The Bear picks: Patriots

Anana The Polar Bear picks: Seahawks


GPO the Octopus: Seahawks


Tangassi the Lion picks: Seahawks

*That’s not really how the rules of the game are played but…


Twiggy The Red-Headed Seriema picks: Seahawks

Guinea Pigs pick: Seahawks


Callie the homeless dog picks: Patriots


Bubbles The Elephant: Patriots

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