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The Best Overwatch Skins for EVERY Character


With Halloween upon Overwatch launched its Halloween event with the return of Dr. Jukenstein’s Revenge. However, the best part about the Halloween event is the skins. There is something about the Halloween season that brings out the best of Overwatch’s creativity when it comes to skins. With that said let’s list the best skins in Overwatch by character. For this list, I will go through every character in Overwatch and chose the best skin for each. The skins must be obtainable, skins that are tied to the Overwatch League, Esport team, or other sponsored evens will not be included. So whether you are a tank, healer, or DPS player these are the best skins you can rock.

31. Snow Owl (Ana)

Snow Owl
Ana’s Snow Owl was part of the winter event. The skin gives Ana feathers and an Owl mask that makes her look mystical. The color pallet fits perfectly with Ana’s aesthetic as an older and wiser character who simply observes the events play out and assists when she has to.

30. Gangster (Ashe)

Ashe is a newcomer to the game, the leader of a motorcycle gang and McCreeds former associate. As a new character, Ashe’s skin pool is not as deep, but the charm of all her current skins is the customization of Bob, Ashe’s partner/ Ultimate. The gangster skin darker colors fit Ashe’s personality, and the purple colors really make Bob look amazing. However, the best part of the skin is givin Bob a paperboy hat.

29. Wasteland (Baptiste)

Baptiste is the newest healer in the game, a former soldier turned Talon member. Baptiste, aesthetically, has a lot of similarities to Soldier: 76, as they are both soldiers. When looking at all of Baptiste skins you notice that they all make him look like a nameless soldier from any other FPS game. While wasteland is not the best skin, it really gives off a Halo/ Destiny feel that is highly appreciated.

28. Antique (Bastion)

Bastion is broken, with that said he also has some of the best skins in the game. While any of his skins can easily make this list, I decided to go with Antique. I love the look of Antique completely changing Bastion’s face making him look like a 1950’s sci-fi robot. The skin is both cool and cheesy at the same time, and the result is easily one of his best skins.

27. Shieldmaiden (Brigitte)

Brigitte was a game-changer when she arrived in Overwatch. A healer that serves as a tank, her skins combine those ideas giving her knight armors, and outfits referencing her mentor Reinhardt and her father Torbjorn. Despite these inspirations, it is her Shieldmaiden skin that is easily her best skin. The shieldmaiden skin gives Brigitte a bear coat with a color palette straight out of Skyrim.

26. Officer (D.Va)

Officer D.Va is one of the funniest skins in the game. Suiting up D.VA up as police officer, and changing her mecha into a police car. Riding around the map with the police lights going off is easily the goofiest fun you can have in the game.

25. Formal (Doomfist)

Outside of having the goofiest name in the game, Doomfist has a wide variety of skins each taking advantage of his giant fist gimmick. He was demonic skins, skins based on the swamp monsters, and ancient Atlantis. However, it is the simplicity of his formal outfit that really stands out. This is mostly because Doomfist is one of the main villains and strong tacticians. His black and white suit is the best representation of such a high-class villain.

24. Sentai (Genji)

It is almost impossible to give Genji a bad skin, the robot ninja gimmick is a gold mine of potential. However, as with most skins, it is the referential skins that are usually some of the best. Inspired by the Super Sentai franchise, or the Power Ranger franchise, the sentai skin is slick and fits the game so well that every time I see the skin I am forced to yell It’s Morphin Time!

23. Casual (Hanzo)

Hanzo’s casual skin is inspired by the Christmas comic that was released that year. In the comic, we see Hanzo casually walking around the streets looking to buy some cake. His casual outfit goes against his uptight character, but it also shows how much he changed after the fight with his brother. Despite the praise, the worst part of the outfit is that the comic showed Hanzo with a graying beard and hair. The original skin did maintain these changes showing Hanzo’s age. However, for some reason fans did not take too well the idea that Hanzo got old, so the skin was patched.

22. Krampus (Junkrat)

Krampus is a mythical creature that steals bad children away during Christmas. Junkrat is a wanted criminal from Australia. You combined both and you get a really great skin. Junkrat’s movements and facial expressions fit perfectly with the Christmas monster and really gets you into the holiday spirit.

21. Equalizer (Lucio)

Blizzard, overwatch
Lucio’s skins are always really stylized each taking advantage of his rollerblading/ DJ/ Athlete/ Healer combo. The Equalizer skin is by far his most over the top skin ever, The skin takes full advantage of Lucio’s DJ lifestyle giving him a full-body surround sound system, equipt with pants that light up to the volume.

20. Mystery Man (McCree)

Blizzard, overwatch
Mystery Man is a fun skin that references The Green Hornet. The skin is fun and really represents Hanzo cowboy outlaw lifestyle. This is an easy skin to obtain, available since launch.

19. Luna (Mei)

Blizzard, overwatch
The Luna skin was launched in celebration of the Chinese New Year event. Mei’s Luna skin is easily her best, giving her a traditional Chinese outfit. Mei outfits have always been hit or miss, with Blizzard trying to please the fans without going too over the top with fanservice since Mei is really popular. Luna is the best traditional Overwatch Skin before Blizzards creative and risk-taking got a little out of hand, I am looking at you honeydew.

18. Witch (Mercy)

Blizzard, overwatch
Witch, is easily one of the most iconic skins in Overwatch history. Debuting during the first Halloween event the Witch skin for the event came with custom voice lines, that were later added into the actual game. Everyone wanted this skin, and even today you still see it. With the skin as affordable as it has ever been, everyone should get their hands on this one.

17. Glam (Moira)

Blizzard, overwatch
Despite being an evil scientist, Moira’s skins really come out of now where, in a good way. Her skins go from evil aristocrat to 80s fashion icon. No skin show this off more than the David Bowie-inspired Glam. From the orange and purple clash to the star face paint, Glam is the pure embodiment of David Bowie.

16. Forest Spirit (Orisa)

Blizzard, overwatch
The beauty of Orisa’s forest spirit skin is that at first glance it would not surprising to think that this skin is fan art. The over the top change that Orisa takes for this skin easily feels like a fan drew this an posted it as concept art. It is this mentality that makes this skin so amazing. Rarely do we get a skin so awesome looking from the developers themselves.

15. Enchanted Armor (Pharah)

Blizzard, overwatch
Introduce in the 2018 Halloween event, the enchanted armor costume is not just great but also makes Pharah one of the goofiest characters to take seriously. Without her head, her highlight intro is hilarious and having her whole body explode when she dies it a stroke of genius. Much like the witch skin, Enchanted Armor truly changes the character.

14. Nevermore (Reaper)

Blizzard, overwatch
Blizzard knew what they created when they debuted Reaper, a silent killer that dress like a child drew him. As the years continued Blizzard wasn’t afraid to acknowledge the more try hard part of Reaper’s character. Nevermore turns Reaper into easily the edgiest character you can think of, the crow from Edger Allen Poe’s poem The Crow. It’s funny, it’s clever, and it is Reaper’s best skin.

13. Greifhart (Reinhardt)Blizzard, overwatch

Before Overwatch, Blizzard gave us World of Warcraft and no character embodies the feeling of World of Warcraft more than Reinhardt. Greifhart is a great skin that works both as a good use of the lore of the game, and a great reference of the classic MMORPG. The skin itself looks worn out with pieces of grass sticking out. This skin tells a story and that is what I think makes it so special.

12. Bajie (Roadhog)

Blizzard, overwatch
There is something creepy about Roadhog’s Bajie skin that makes it my favorite. The tattoos, along with all the scrolls tied around him are all so cool. However, the sherry on top of this skin is the pig head sewed into Roadhog. This skin is really something that needs to seen to be believed.

11. Asylum (Sigma)

Blizzard, overwatch
The newest character in the game, Sigma, unfortunately, has no real amazing skins, and even the latest Halloween event does not give him anything new. However, there is one really good skin that is a must for the mad scientist. The Silence of the Lamb inspired Asylum outfit, the white jumpsuit along with the face mask turns Sigma into the one and only Hannibal Lecter.

10. Grillmaster: 76 (Soldier: 76)

Blizzard, overwatch
Soldier: 76 suffers from the curse of being the easiest to pick up character, but also the character with the blandest design. His skins either made him look like a generic soldier or a robot. The fanbase, however, took Soldier:76’s backstory and turned him into the Dad, or Grandpa of the series. Blizzard was able to roll with this idea and as a result, we got Grillmaster: 76 the ultimate dad joke.

9. Rime (Sombra)

Blizzard, overwatch
Despite being the second character to be added to the game, Sombra seems to get the least love when it comes to skins. Most of her new skins consist of simple color palettes. With only 4 legendary skins getting added. However, out of those 4 skins, it is her Rime skin introduced during the Winter Event that really sticks out. Turning our cold hacker, into the ultimate ice queen.

8. Magician (Symmetra)

Blizzard, overwatch
No character in the whole game has gotten such a short end f the stick than Symmetra. How can one character get so much attention gameplay-wise, but never even touched when it comes to receiving any good skins. With that said, despite the little love that Symmetra gets, all of her skins are amazing. However, when it comes to charm, and uniqueness you can’t go wrong with the Magician skin.

7. Surf ‘N’ Splash (Torbjorn)

Blizzard, overwatch
Joining Soldier: 76 in the ultimate dad joke is Torbjorn’s Surf ‘N’ Splash skin. A beautifully hilarious outfit that gives Torbjorn not only all the summer necessities but a fanny pack to store all his tools.

6. Graffiti (Tracer)

Blizzard, overwatch
Tracer is the mascot of Overwatch, and a true example of Blizzard simply having fun with their characters. Tracer is a fun go lucky person. However, she also comes off as a bit of a rebel. No skin combines these features more than her Graffiti skin. So whether you prefer her serious side or her fun-loving side this is the perfect skin.

5. Nova (Widowmaker)

Blizzard, overwatch
Just like Reinhardt, Blizzard’s best work comes from referencing their old work. Commander Nova from StarCraft II comes to life in this Widowmaker skin, turning the cold killer into the iconic character.

4. Explorer (Winston)

Blizzard, overwatch
Winston is an intelligent, highly sophisticated Gorilla, and his explorer outfit is the perfect match for this scientist. But to be honest the best part of this outfit is the mustache.

3. Junker (Wrecking Ball)

Blizzard, overwatch
Junker is Wrecking Ball’s best skins, but also the world’s biggest tease. When the comic book and animated short for Junkrat and Roadhog premiered one standout character that was introduced was the leader of Junkertown, the Junker Queen. Fans anticipated her introduction to the game, and the hype was at an all-time high. However, fans were instead greeted with Wrecking Ball. Along with his release, we were also given a skin referencing the character that never came to be.

2. Totally 80’s (Zarya)

Blizzard, overwatch

Blizzard is really experimental when it comes to Zarya skins. They give her anything from a mecha outfit to a goth girl look. However, it is these experiments that give use some amazing skins. And if you want to get physical… physical than you have to rock out the totally 80’s skin.

1. Cultist (Zenyatta)

Blizzard, overwatch
If you love Lovecraft and want to rock one of the creepiest skins in the game, then you have to do yourself a favor and pick up the Cthulhu inspired cultist skin. The purple, green, and black color palette. The eyes coming out of the orbs, and the tentacles truly turn the peaceful monk into an intergalactic horror.

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