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Top 10 Best Led Zeppelin Songs of All Time – Ranked


From 1968 until 1980, English rock band Led Zeppelin was nigh unstoppable, selling out concerts across not only their native England but also across the world. With the group’s immense success, it is inevitable that it produced more than a few hit songs. While I wish I could rank every tune from their catalog, this list only calls for 10 songs, so I will oblige. Without further ado, here are the top 10 Led Zeppelin songs!

10. “Black Dog”

An empowering, electrifying little ditty that unfairly is overlooked by the band’s most famous (now infamous) song on their defiantly untitled album. Great fun, great guitar work, great overall.

9. “D’yer Ma’ker”

If only people could pronounce this song properly. Even if it’s totally the antithesis of everything Zeppelin represents, it’s soothing, calm and melodic, which makes it a great tune for those looking to diversify their Zeppelin tastes.

8. “Whole Lotta Love”

A simple message and a relatively good, easily to memorize beat. While Zeppelin haters often accuse the song of being ripped off from overlooked blues artists (like with 75% of their catalog) it’s a great tune regardless.

7. “Immigrant Song”

Fast-paced, empowering and most importantly fun, this song is probably the band’s second most famous. Besides, who doesn’t want to hear of the tales of those who come from the land of the ice and show? The chorus is overshadowed by the admittedly addictive howling at the beginning, but complaining about that is like going to a seafood restaurant for steak.

6. “Your Time is Gonna Come”

Sadly, this song was only performed once in concert and was horrifically butchered by the band’s perpetual drunkard antics. Still, it’s an empowering message of the assurance of karma and has a haunting, powerful sound.

5. “Stairway to Heaven”

This isn’t the move of a disgruntled hipster bemoaning this song being ensured the #1 slot on 99% of Zeppelin fans’ rankdown lists. It’s a wonderful song with enchanting imagery, but by god, it’s a long and often slow one. Still, a classic’s a classic.

4. “Good Times, Bad Times”

The very first song on their very first album, the creatively, eponymously titled Led Zeppelin (This would be a trend for the next three albums, so get used to it). A bit more bluesy and quiet than their louder hits, this song has more good than bad in it.

3. “Moby Dick”

This drums only track is simple, yet catchy.

2. “The Battle of Evermore”

Another song that contains Led Zeppelin’s affinity for Tolkien-inspired lyrics, the Battle of Evermore inspires a sense of euphoria and longing that makes you wish you were involved in the titular battle. Great use of imagery.

1. “Dazed and Confused”

Weird choice, but this is my list, not the Rolling Stones’ ‘make everyone super happy’ one. It might receive a lot of the same accusations leveled it at that their other songs often receive, it may not be as well known as Stairway and it definitely isn’t as hard-rocking as some of their other hits. That said, Dazed and Confused, betraying its unfitting title, is clear in its bluesy, folksy vision and the soothing voice of Robert Plant never fails to move me.

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