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WATCH: Darren Rovell Melts Down During Paqui #OneChipChallenge


Sports business and betting reporter Darren Rovell is an interesting follow on social media. Sometimes he shows off some old school trading cards or bizarre collectibles, keeps you updated on the latest betting trends and odds, and sometimes bringing his followers the content they really want to see.

This week, Rovell finally delivered with a post that even his trolls had to appreciate.

Rovell embarked on the 2019 edition of the Paqui #OneChipChallenge which officially kicks off on Friday, September 13.

The challenge made its debut in 2017 and now it is back and better than ever with more spice than ever before – and a visual twist. This year’s single-chip packaged neatly in a coffin is a blue corn chip dipped in an intense amount of black seasoning made with the infamous Carolina Reaper Pepper, certified by Guinness World Records as the world’s hottest chili pepper, according to the press release.

So, how did Rovell handle the heat? Let’s just say he had an absolute meltdown after coming in with a confident look.

Check it out:

Six years ago, I tried a Carolina reaper pepper. I said I would never do anything like that again. Then, the folks at @paquichips dared me to try their #onechipchallenge. I am so dumb. pic.twitter.com/TMms9YR8uh

— Darren Rovell (@darrenrovell) September 10, 2019

Don’t be ashamed though, Darren, the internet is now a fan of “Hoody Rovell.”

If you want to try out the #OneChipChallenge for yourself, the limited-supply chips will be available on Friday, the 13th at 10:00 a.m. ET exclusively on paqui.com/onechipchallenge. Additional information can be seen below.

About the Paqui #OneChipChallenge

“For the last two years, we’ve received everything from love letters and polite requests, to absolutely desperate pleas for us to bring back the #OneChipChallenge,” said Paqui Brand Manager Caitlin Moralic. “While Paqui has a line of truly spicy chips perfect for everyday snacking, our fans want to test themselves with even more real peppers and real heat, and we’re excited to bring them the spiciest challenge yet.”

One Deadly Black Tortilla Chip

“Our brand is focused on unexpected flavors that double down on spice,” Moralic said. “Incorporating the Carolina Reaper in the #OneChipChallenge is a fun – albeit sometimes painful – way for our fans to see whether or not they can handle the heat.”

To further highlight the chip’s serious spice level, each chip comes with an extreme warning: those who are brave enough to take the challenge are encouraged to wash their hands immediately after handling, and parents are advised to keep the chips out of the hands of children.

Facing Off Against the Reaper

Once the #OneChipChallenge sells out online, spice lovers can try their hand at winning one by entering the World’s Hottest Sweeps. Limited-edition, specially marked bags of Paqui Haunted Ghost Pepper and Fiery Chile Limón chips with hidden codes for fans to enter online will be available at participating retailers in early October. Full sweepstakes details are available here.

Fans are encouraged to face off against the Reaper and challenge their friends, enemies, or frenemies to share their #OneChipChallenge experience on social media and tag @PaquiChips. Those who share a video of themselves taking the #OneChipChallenge on their public Instagram or Twitter profiles and tag @PaquiChips with #OneChipChallenge and #sweepstakes will be included on Paqui’s Wall of Infamy and entered for the chance to win one of three grand prizes, which include a one-year supply of Paqui chips and a full tailgate package, complete with branded beer glasses, a Yeti cooler, and more.

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