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Six of the Safest Universities in the United States


If your parents were included in your college tour, there’s a good chance they asked something about the safety of the campus. Security may not have been a deciding factor in which university you selected to spend the next four years of your life. But it’s still important to know the features and policies in place should you ever need to use them. 

The truth is, crimes do happen even in the perfect university setting. It’s easy to think that students are safe and secluded from the world. In reality, they are as, if not more, vulnerable to being a victim of crime than anyone else in the world. Many students are living on their own for their first time and can be naive when it comes to trusting strangers. 

The most common crimes in a university setting are theft, assault, and vandalism. However, with the safety of their students at the university’s utmost priority, there are certain precautionary methods implemented to counteract these crimes. 

For students, staying safe can be a matter of staying aware of the potential responses to dangerous situations. Each university has slightly different policies, making some universities safer than others. Students are ultimately in control of their own fate, though these colleges are among the top for high security. 

University of New Hampshire 

With some of the lowest crime statistics in America – just three total on-campus arrests – this public university has been deemed the safest university in the states by TopUniversity.com. This college has only 57 incidents of violence against women, though the accuracy of these rates can always be questioned due to underreporting. 

Lincoln Memorial University 

Crime stats aside, some universities, like Lincoln Memorial in Tennessee, have gone the extra mile to upgrade their campus to the highest security standards. Their on-campus services include patrols, after-hours escorts, extensive camera monitoring, and emergency and non-emergency situation dispatch.

Alice Lloyd University 

Graded a C- party scene and A+ safety atmosphere, ALC may not have the most buzzing social life, but the student’s safety is unquestionable. The college offers an extensive list of tips and resources to protect their students. The student body clearly pays attention to this guidance earning them a spot on this list. 

Baptist College of Florida 

It should come as no surprise that religious-based universities rank high in campus security. BCF is located in one of the safest areas of the state, ironically named, Graceville, Florida. They praise themselves in not only general safety but also women’s safety, minimal drug, and alcohol abuse and anti-discrimination. 

Brigham Young University-Idaho 

Another university with a strict Christian honor code that encourages responsible behavior is Brigham Young. This university has just 12 incidents of violence against women (including domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking) despite its large population of over 44,000. This low stat is a high achievement, given the prevalence of rape and stalking in university. 

Boston College 

Boston College is nestled near Brookline, Massachusetts, which has been deemed the safest college town based on violent crime rates. This Boston suburb is famous for being the birthplace of JFK but also deserves recognition for the rarity of crime. However, safety comes at a cost – an average monthly rent of over $2,500 to be exact. 

If your university falls on this list, your parents will be able to rest easy knowing that you’re protected while away from home. If your university is not on this list – don’t freak! This is just a small glimpse at some of the safest campuses in America. With a little caution and responsibility, students at any university can prepare for the best crime-free four years of their life. 

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