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Top 10 Fighting Game Bosses Of All Time Ranked


Fighting game characters are always meant to be nothing more than memorable. If fighting games had characters who were just 2D sprites or 3D models that were “flat and boring” then the game itself would fall short and nobody would enjoy it; regardless of the fact that gameplay mechanics could be amazing. Beyond the typical “karate man in a gi” protagonist (‘Ryu’ from Street Fighter looking at you), fighting games usually have a crowd-pleasing antagonist that does nothing but mock or stand in the way of our fateful heroes. These antagonists are primarily the final boss character that players will face at the end of an arcade ladder or story mode (nowadays, both modes are featured in fighting games). These boss characters don’t have to be playable within the game, or completely serious. Majority of these boss characters are evil just for the sake of being evil and they love it and you’ve got to respect that. They are also quite outrageous in terms of design and actions. So, without further ado, here is our list of the Top Ten Fighting Game Bosses Of All Time.

10. Inferno

Soul Calibur Series

‘Inferno’ has been a mainstay as a Soul Calibur boss for most of the franchise. This boss has the moves of every character in the series. However, there is a catch in the way he uses all of these moves. ‘Inferno’ can use every weapon from every character in the game, but he changes fighting styles throughout your match with him. Every third of his health, ‘Inferno’ will get back on his feet and change to a different weapon; completely changing your approach to him. One minute your versing ‘Nightmare’s long and heavy greatsword swings; next, your dancing around ‘Ivy’s long-range and deceptive whip-sword swings. This makes his fight fun, difficult, and unique. He’s also playable in the newest entry, Soul Calibur VI.

9. Shadow Jago

Killer Instinct (2013)

Referred to as ‘Shago’ by the KI fandom, ‘Shago’ is the dark version of character ‘Jago’ possessed by the false ‘Tiger Spirit’, or you can say he’s possessed by the character ‘Omen’. Originally a skin for ‘Jago’, ‘Shago’ eventually became his own character with his own move-set. As a boss, ‘Shago’ was the secret boss fight of KI 2013 season one. To reach this boss fight, players had to see all three arcade endings of the chosen character, not lose a single match, be on Hard difficulty or higher, get two “Supreme Victories”, one “Ultra” finisher before the rival fight, and finally, “Ultra” finish the rival during that fight. Only if all of these conditions are met can players skip the ‘Fulgore’ boss fight and verse ‘Shago’ instead and he is not an easy boss battle. Many controllers have been broken because of him. These conditions and difficulty are what gives him a spot on this list.

8. Master and Crazy Hand

Super Smash Brothers Series

These two boss characters are the figures of creation and destruction within this stellar franchise. In the first few entries of the series, players would only fight ‘Master Hand’ as the final boss fight of the Smash “Classic Mode”. ‘Crazy Hand’ could be versed, alongside his twin, in a certain event battle in “Event Mode”. However, as later installments came out, the developers had put both ‘Hands’ in the arena, as a team, for players to verse in higher difficulties. ‘Master Hand’, being the representation of order and creation, has a predictable move-set. While ‘Crazy Hand’, being the representation of destruction and chaos, has an unpredictable move-set that leaves players guessing. Throw these two at you at once and they somehow work together to bring you down.

7. Heihachi Mishima

Tekken Series

‘Heihachi’ has been one of Tekken‘s many boss characters for a majority of the franchise. This boss has always craved power and obedience; you could also say that he enjoys world domination. This character is so evil that in Tekken 3 he not only trains his grandson, ‘Jin’, but he tricks ‘Jin’ into believing that he wishes for world peace. Only to betray him later to regain control of the ‘Mishima Zaibatsu’ from his son and enemy ‘Kazuya’. ‘Heihachi’ is a strong boss fight, he is a master of the ‘Mishima’ family fighting style of course. Along with his other past deeds, this boss fight is certainly the best from the Tekken franchise and one of the most popular playable characters.

6. Geese Howard

Fatal Fury Series

This boss was the final fight for most of the Fatal Fury franchise and it wasn’t until Final Bout Fatal Fury that ‘Geese’ was finally defeated. However, his character has lived on throughout the King of Fighters series, being a playable character for a good number of the games. ‘Geese’ became the final boss of the Fatal Fury franchise the moment he decided to murder Terry and Andy Bogard’s adoptive father. This boss is notoriously difficult, considering that ‘Geese’ has high and low counter moves that will both deal massive amounts of damage to any player. Add in the fact that SNK is known to be the company with the most infuriating boss fights in fighting game history makes it understandable as to why ‘Geese’ is such a pain to deal with. This mob boss in “Southtown” brings out the worst in people and only cares for himself and his control over “Southtown” and all that goes on in it.

5. Gill

Street Fighter Series

Everyone wants to take down this two-toned pain in the ass. All he does during this boss battle is laughs and taunts you. All to make you angry and lose focus on the fight, just so he can come in beat you. Let’s not forget his incredibly cheap supers that all pretty much murder your health bar. Oh and he resurrects with his super, conveniently titled, “Ressurection”. This super can bring him back to full health. You can interrupt it and stop him from gaining all of his health back, but he’ll still get a good portion of it back. Add in the fact that ‘Gill’ is a CPU so he can read all of your moves and “parry” you accordingly then just punish you to Hell. ‘Gill’ is also playable in the Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition after you beat the arcade ladder with all of the characters. This boss is great, but he’s a pain.

4. Shao Kahn

Mortal Kombat Series

Do you like the words “You suck” or “You are nothing” constantly being yelled at you? How about being laughed and pointed at while in the middle of battle? No, then meet ‘Shao Kahn’. Emperor of Outworld and conqueror of many realms. This hulking boss can not only shoulder charge you from across the screen and out of the air, but he’ll throw a pointy spear and a big Warhammer, that puts you in a dizzy state, as well. Combine those things with the fact that he’s got tons of super armor and you have a boss that’ll be one of the most iconic boss fights in fighting game history.

3. God Rugal

Capcom vs. SNK 2

Another secret boss that is a pain to get to, but man, ‘God Rugal’ is awesome. He combines his “Orochi” pawer, from King of Fighters, with ‘Akuma’s “Satsui no Hado, from Street Fighter, into one massive powerhouse martial artist. Not only is that insane, but if you make to him, you’ll see that at the start of the battle he chucks the lifeless body of ‘Akuma’ off stage and just stares at you unimpressed. Sure, he’s pretty cheap, but his entrance and short story of power really make him awesome to fight.

2. M. Bison

Street Fighter Series

We’ve got a dictator on this list. Beyond that, ‘Bison’ is a master of “Psycho Power”, and hand to hand combat. His most famous super is called “Psycho Crusher”, where he covers himself in purple energy and launches himself, in a spiraling motion, towards you. With the impact being devastating on your health. ‘Bison’ is the leader of the evil organization known as “Shadaloo” and is bent on world domination. He is not above using brainwashing as a means of control. Just look at ‘Cammy’, ‘Bison’ had her as one of his “Dolls” during the Street Fighter Alpha series. Being playable in almost all of the Street Fighter games, ‘Bison’ has become one of the most iconic fighting game character choices and bosses.

1. Oni

Street Fighter IV Series

Coming in at number one is the upgraded version of Street Fighter‘s ‘Akuma’ known as ‘Oni’. Being a secret boss fight in the Street Fighter IV series, ‘Oni’ is insane to try and reach. His secret boss fight requirements are as follows: players must not lose a single round, obtain two “Perfect” victories, five super or ultra finishers, ten first attacks, and when versing ‘Seth’, SFIV‘s actual boss fight, the player must land first hit and finish the boss with a super or ultra finisher. Only then can the player be allowed to verse ‘Oni’ and be warned, players only get one chance at ‘Oni’. If you lose that’s it, there is no try again. ‘Oni’ is not an easy boss fight, plus the requirements to reach him are insane. Combine that with the fact that he’s an upgraded version of ‘Akuma’, whose already a famous character/boss, gives ‘Oni’ this number one spot as the best boss character in any fighting game.

Hope everyone agrees with our top ten list of bosses. Below is a poll where you can vote on who you think deserves number one on this list. There are tons of fighting game bosses and we cannot cover them all. This list shows who is iconic and who is fun without being overly difficult.

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