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Fourth Of July 2019: Is There Mail Delivery Today?


It’s the Fourth of July 2019. The federal holiday celebrates the independence of the United States’ original 13 colonies with people coming together for a number of activities including cookouts, parties, and fireworks. The holiday is one of the approved federal holidays, which means there are some minor inconveniences that we may take for granted on a typical day.

Unfortunately, if you are hoping for a package or letter to arrive on Thursday, July 4, you’re going to have to wait one day longer.

The United States Postal Service closes down for the federal holidays which include New Year’s Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Labor Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Memorial Day, Columbus Day, Presidents Day, and, you guessed it, the Fourth of July.

The Fourth of July is a federal holiday, meaning non-essential federal government offices are closed. Despite being off of work, federal employees will still be paid for the holiday and a number of other private-sector employees will also be receiving their pay.

That also means that most banks will be closed — or operating on very special hours — while stores could also see a slight shift in their traditional schedules.

All federal offices, including post offices, will be closed on Independence Day, Wednesday, July. 4th

What are the other Postal Holidays?

Here’s a list of all the postal holidays, where you can expect no mail in your mailbox…

  1. New Year’s Day (observed)
  2. Martin Luther King Jr. birthday
  3. Washington’s Birthday
  4. Memorial Day
  5. Independence Day
  6. Labor Day
  7. Columbus Day
  8. Veterans Day
  9. Thanksgiving Day
  10. Christmas Day

Which national holidays does FedEx deliver mail on?

Here’s a list of all the national holidays, where FedEx still picks up and delivers packages to your doorstep…

  1. Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  2. Presidents Day
  3. Columbus Day
  4. Veterans Day

Now that you know when the mail will and will not be delivered, you’re fully prepared and (theoretically) will not wait until the last moment to send those important packages!

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