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What Are The Most Patriotic States In America In 2019?


Particularly in the summertime, Americans love to boast the red, white, and blue and celebrate our great nation. With many holidays and opportunities for people to show patriotism, WalletHub, a finance website, composed a study to take a look at the most patriotic states in America. Using specific methodology and indicators, they were able to rank each state numerically.

The Blue States vs The Red States

Andrew Cuomo at the Veteran's Day Parade


The study wanted to take a look at how the political party at the forefront influenced a particular state’s ranking. It was found that the “Red States” or Republican states, had an upper hand by a small percentage. After using a methodology that focuses mostly on key indicators, including a share of the population of those enlisted in the military and adults that voted in the 2016 Presidental Election, it was discovered that the Republican states had a roughly 4.5% higher rate of patriotism.


Military father returns home and hugs his son


In order to find a numerical value to rank the patriotism of the United States, WalletHub experts focused on two main categories of people to reward points too. First, they focused on military engagement, which is worth 25 points to each state. This is relevant to the average number of military enlistees, veterans per 1,000 civilian adults, number of active duty personnel, and military reserve population. The military is obviously hand-in-hand with patriotism but, the study also took into account civil engagement, which was worth 75 points to each state.

Civil engagement is important in deciding how patriotic a state is because there are more indicators that go into deciding it since so many more US citizens are non-military personnel. The study decided civil engagement points based on; adults that voted in both the Primary and Presidential Election of 2016, the volunteer rate and hours volunteered per resident, AmeriCorps, and Peace Corps volunteers, trail and Grand-jury participation, participation in groups or organizations, and civics education requirement.

Most Patriotic States

Road sign that reads Welcome to New Hampshire


The following is a list of the top 10 most patriotic states in the USA, according to the WalletHub study, along with their total score:
  1. New Hampshire – 63.08
  2. Wyoming – 62.67
  3. Vermont – 62.25
  4. Utah – 62.12
  5. Idaho – 61.62
  6. Wisconson – 59.12
  7. Alaska – 58.52
  8. South Carolina – 57.68
  9. Missouri – 56.90
  10. Minnesota – 56.84

Least Patriotic States

New York City skyline early as the sunrises


The following is a list of the top 10 LEAST patriotic states in the USA, according to the WalletHub study, along with their total score:

  1. New Jersey – 21.55
  2. New York – 21.63
  3. California – 23.92
  4. West Virginia – 28.39
  5. Texas – 28.66
  6. Connecticut – 30.37
  7. Indiana – 30.53
  8. New Mexico – 30.81
  9. Michigan – 31.37
  10. Illinois – 31.39

Hopefully, the folks in New York and New Jersey are getting their fireworks all together for the Fourth of July, because they have some catching up to do when it comes to patriotism!

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