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Here Is Why Musically Oriented Students Do Better In School


For many children and teenagers, school is a crucial step in education and understanding the responsibilities in life. With that being said, the path to both desires is not easy for everyone. Nobody is perfect, so it makes sense that some students will find schooling to be much difficult than others. The reasons may vary from not paying attention to issues with comprehending the knowledge.

However, recent studies have shown that most students that receive better grades in school are often involved in a musical class such as choir or a musical extra credit activity such as theater.

According to the data found in public schools, a sample of 112,000 students who succeeded in standardized testing were able to acquire the knowledge from the lessons they picked up in music based classes.

How is this possible? That’s where this article will discuss the meaning and possibility.

The Instrument to Education Simmularities



Learning to play a musical instrument alone can draw parallels to learning about a topic in class. There are many necessary steps to understand but to honestly know what your doing (either with playing the instrument or learning a new topic) it takes much more practice and determination.

By this logic, a student who understands how to nearly perfectly play the violin knows all the complexities of the instrument, notes, and technique might also be able to apply the same learning principles to learning about the intricacies of algebra, poetry, physics, etc. The possibilities could seem endless.

Furthermore, music also helps build character. As stated before, learning an instrument requires determination, and with the determination learned comes long term commitment. This can play a big part in cognitive learning in the long run as it will help bring a mentality that will give a much higher chance of success in the future.

Other skills that playing an instrument and learning sheet music can help develop include listening skills, eye-hand-mind coordination, and team skills when practicing with a whole ensemble.

A Better Atmosphere

Orchestra class that give a better enviornment


One of the oldest theories people believe is that if their infants listen to classical music, it will make them smarter once they are older. While this theory is quite debatable, it might just be accurate when applied to older children.

Naturally being in a class such as a concert band or choir, your likely going to be hearing a lot of the classical genre of music. Research as also shown that listening to this type of music more often over pop music or other styles allows the mind a much calmer environment.

It will enable a student to feel less stressed and more patient. When this happens, the challenges that a student faces become less severe as they can more clearly work out their goals to succeed.

Of course, as stated before, not every student learns the ways of life the same way, and some may have a different direction when it comes to how they receive their knowledge. Which is why it is important to not force students into learning music if it doesn’t comply with their way of learning.

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