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How Much Coffee Do You Drink vs. How Much SHOULD You Drink?


For some, coffee is a breakfast tradition, for others, it’s a mandatory routine, and for others, it’s an all-day any time of the day addiction. It’s enough to make one question just how much is too much?

We make limits on ourselves to moderate alcohol and understand the effects that it can cause, but we never seem to think about the same precautions when drinking the bean-based beverage.

In this article, we will go over the effects of the contained caffeine and how to moderate the substance.

What Is Caffeine Doing Wrong?

The problem with too much coffee


Caffeine is often seen as the type of chemical that can bring your energy right up from a slumped mood to a ready to work attitude. However, perhaps after a while, it becomes more than that.

Recent studies have shown that as many as over 30,000 people in America. However, it has been reported that a sample of over 2,000 people drink more coffee daily more than they drink water. For them, this can be a severe problem.

When caffeine becomes addictive, much like any other substance, it can harder to stop in the long run. This can result in several medical conditions, such as cardiovascular disease that can lead to heart attacks and other complications. Not to mention other risks such as kidney stones, prostate cancer, and type 2 diabetes, to name a few major ones.

Mentally while caffeine can make you more alert, it can also make you much more hyper and uncomfortable towards your surrounding if it’s not taken into account.

Therefore, if the rate continues to grow, there’s no telling the statistics of how many more people not just in the U.S.A but all over the world can find themselves with these same physical issues and mental issues.

Don’t Quit Yet, Just Watch

Tea as a possible substitution


While a lot of what’s been said may seem terrifying to think about. It may seem as though you may never want to drink another cup of coffee ever again. But remember this is only looking at the results in the long run. For just about anything seem harmful when looking at them from a long term perspective. Therefore, the best way to handle the caffeine in coffee is to drink in moderation.

For as nasty as it sounds (and likely tastes) caffeine does still serve a definite purpose to our body. This can include a better long term memory that can even reduce the chance of Alzheimer’s disease. It also gives the opportunity of weight loss by suppressing any urges to overeat.

Case in point, moderation is the best way to induce coffee to drink, but to some, it seems hard to do. So here are some tips on how to avoid overdoing it.

1. Get better sleep: One reason why coffee is used so often is to wake people up. Therefore, if one can sleep better and more early (if given a choice), they might not need that extra bit of coffee to keep them up.

2. Switch to Tea: A much better substance to wake up and energize the mind comes to form this beverage. Tea leaves often have more antioxidants that are healthier to consume and give less fatigue in the future. (Iced tea may be more effective in waking up.)

3. Drink more water: This step is more to cleanse the body over anything else. Coffee may come with the other risk of dehydration to the body. So when you drink water your body will be better hydrated.

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