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Online Casino Games for Beginners


The Morgan Stanley report predicts that at least 20 more states in the US will start to legalize the local operation of online casinos. Currently, there are only a few states that have legalized online gambling.

New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware already allowed the local operation of online casinos. Currently, New Jersey has the largest online gambling market in in the US. It’s the first state that legalized online gambling.

In 2019, more states are set to introduce online gambling in their areas. Indiana, Michigan, and New Hampshire recently have made some advances when it comes to passing laws about this.

With all these developments, the online gambling industry is just set to become bigger. The convenience of playing a casino game wherever you are is just so enticing to many.  Casual gamblers now prefer playing online as they no longer have to take a trip to a casino to play.

If you’re curious to try any online casino games, the choices you have may be overwhelming. However, if you haven’t any casino games before, you should aim to play games that are easy to learn and play. Here are a few easy and enjoyable casino games online.


This could be the easiest and simplest casino game that you can play. Luck is your only hope to hit the jackpot. There’s really no need to take the time to learn this game and to strategize about your next move.

For most online video slots, the only rule is to tap and play. A lot of people are worried about preprogrammed slots, but online casinos use software that generates random results.

It’s best to play on licensed online casinos. Online casinos that are granted licenses are the ones that use trusted software that could protect their players.


Real money Blackjack games are all over the internet and most online casinos have this in different varieties. This has become popular because of its simplicity.

This is great if you’re looking for a game that will allow you to play with other players and to strategize. When playing this game, your main goal is to have cards that will not exceed 21. If your cards do, then you lose. You will be playing against the dealer, but other players can also join you.

It’s one of those casino games that doesn’t allow the house to have a higher edge. The house only has around 1.5 percent of edge and that’s extremely low compared to other games.


Another simple game you can play is the roulette. This is also available in different varieties, the general mechanic is you have to place bets on a number on the wheel where you think the ball will hide. It’s like playing the lottery but in a more interesting way.

The house edge is 2.5% and that is pretty good. In land casinos, the dealer rolls the dice or the ball on the wheel and you just really have to wait for the result. When you play this online, you can choose to play with or without a live dealer.


This is originally known as a board game, but online casinos now have this game too. Your main goal when playing this is to move your pieces along the board’s triangles and off the board itself. However, to win, you need to finish first.

It is also available in different varieties and when played online, you can go against a live player. Most online casinos make their games very interactive so while playing this, you can also chat with your opponent.

The 6% house edge is still low even if it seems a bit high compared to how it is with slots and blackjack. This is a game that will require you to strategize. However, this is still perfect if you want something that’s challenging yet relaxing.


Now, those are some great and easy casino games that you can play if you want something with a low house edge.

It’s important that you look for the best online casino before you play any of these. Always check casino reviews before you sign up and deposit your bets. The last thing you want is to get scammed, so make sure the casino of your choice is secured.

If you feel like you there’s a need for you to practice before you play with real money, then there are websites and online casinos that let you play for free. If you’ll be using your phone to play any of these, it’s best to go for an online casino that has an app that you can download.

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