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Five Most Popular True Crime Documentaries in the U.S.


True crime documentaries have suddenly become one of the most fascinating options on Netflix, and an easy go-to for a Friday movie night. Something about this exclusive look into the brains and execution behind burglary and murder allows us to channel our inner psychologist and gives us the realistic thrill we never knew we needed.

Plus, with the popularity of true crime documentaries growing, there are endless options when it comes to picking the perfect real-life horror story. According to a recent study by Summit Defense, these are the most popular true crime documentaries in America for your next movie night:

Killing For Love

The most popular documentary, winning over five of the 50 states features a university-aged couple, the murder of their parents, and the corrupt justice system. This 1985 case out of Virginia has been widely investigated, and this documentary aims to set the record straight.

Paradise Lost: The Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills

Released in 1996, this documentary follows the story of twisted youth. Three teenagers under investigation for the murder of three children, supposedly due to Satanism involvement in the small town of Memphis, Arkansas.

The Last Defense

Unlike many others on this list, ‘The Last Defense’ is a television series produced by ABC. It also plays off the idea of the inadequate justice system through the investigation of several murders. While streaming services rule the crime world, ABC is holding its own with this seven-part series.

The Fear of 13

This 2015 British documentary features a very small cast. In fact, only the convicted Nick Yarris appears to tell his story – from childhood to how he wound up on death row in Pennsylvania. Reviews say that with the power of storytelling, the audience will be left questioning who to trust.

Operation Odessa

Tied for the third most popular crime entertainment source, this 92 minute Showtime film outlines what happens when a Russian mobster, Miami playboy and Cuban spy come together. This thriller gives an inside perspective to the world of drug cartels with $35 million on the line.

Whatever stranger-than-fiction flick you elect to spend your Friday night with, proceed with extreme caution. Unlike some made up horror movie, these truthful tales are enough to scare you out of your daily routine, and pull you into the crime documentary addiction.

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