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Top 10 Highest Grossing Films Of All Time


With a brand new record on the rise to be broken in the film industry. It seems vital that we take a look back throughout the history of the box office and see what the highest grossing movies ever realized are. We will be looking at the results from a global perspective without adjustment to inflation. Furthermore, data will be provided by Box Office Mojo, and Trailers will be provided by Youtube.

10. Black Panther (2018)

The first of many Marvel Studio films on this list. This Ryan Coogler film changed the way comic book adaptations can be seen in the mainstream eyes. Being one of the first films of it’s kind to bring more representation to the African American community. It also became the first film for Marvel Studios to not only be nominated for best picture at the Oscars but the first to win not one but three awards that night for the studio. Including best film score, best production design, and best costume design.

As of now, it has a Worldwide Grossing of about $1,346,913,161.

9. Avengers: Age Of Ultron (2015)

The second installment into the Avengers series (not to be confused with the entire MCU). The second and final Marvel film to be directed by Buffy the Vampire Slayer creator, Joss Whedon. This film gave marvel fans at the time everything they could have expected from the first Avengers film. Although over time, it has been seen as one of the weaker of the avenger films due to its generic story and rushed character develop moments. However, it’s still maintained a good reputation with film fans alike.

As of now, it has a Worldwide Grossing of about $1,405,403,609.

8. Furious 7 (2015)

As you can see, the box office has more room for noncomic book films. The seventh installment in the Fast in the Furious saga was an entertaining experience for fans of the car heist series. Much contributed to director James Wan. Another factor to the film’s success may have come from the passing at the time of one of the film series iconic stars, Paul Walker. The film even included a montage tribute around the end to showcase their love and appreciation. Much the fans did when viewing the film.

As of now, it has a Worldwide Grossing of about $1,516,045,911.

7. Marvels’ The Avengers (2012)

Joss Whedon’s first film in the MCU created so much just it’s very existence. It created the standard for Marvel films alike. It created the possibilities for cinematic universes all over the scene in cinema (with varying results).

Most importantly, it manages to put the most dent in giving the general audience appeal rather than stay constricted to those that had understood the source material, to begin with. Furthermore, it became one of the first films to incorporate many other characters from other separate movies. Resulting in an experience that fans could never get enough of.

As of now, it has a Worldwide Grossing of about $1,518,812,988.

6. Jurassic World (2015)

When the first Jurassic Park film came out back in 1993, it not only created the way in innovation on special effects but had an incredible box office performance that grossed over a billion dollars at the time. 22 years later and after two less then stealer received sequels, fans of the first film had been hoping for an another Jurassic Park film to film the same gap as the first. Which is what Jurassic World did. Although still giving lukewarm reviews about its story and character, it made up in aspects by having incredible work in cinematography and special effects.

As of now, it has a Worldwide Grossing of about $1,671,713,208.

5. Avengers: Infinity Wars (2018)

Without a doubt, not only one of the most anticipated films for Marvel, not only so incredibly built up from the many other Marvel films combined, but one of the most ambitious and anticipated movies of all time for all moviegoers and film fans alike. Adding up the most Marvel characters to be put together in a single film. This was indeed the most prominent spectacles that 2018 had ever given.

As of now, it has a Worldwide Grossing of about $2,048,359,754.

4. Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015)

The Star Wars saga is no stranger to excellent performance at the box office. The very first film at the time in 1977 was one of the highest grossing films ever with over a billion dollars. After several decades and sequels that were both loved and hated by star wars fan alike and the new buy out from Disney, fans all around waited to see what the next film could provide. It came in the form of this JJ. Abrams directed the film. One of the best-reviewed star wars films since the Empire Strikes  Back. Not to mention became the very third film to reach 2 billion dollars.

As of now, it has a Worldwide Grossing of about $2,068,223,624.

3. Titanic (1997)

We now come to one of the most legendary films to achieve this goal. Titanic is the oldest film on this list but with marks several milestones. It was the very first film to make over 2 billion at the box office, and also holds the most Oscars out of all the other films on this list with a total of 11 wins including best picture out of 14 nominations. This also has one of the most significant achievements set by director James Cameron, but would not be the last.

As of now, it has a Worldwide Grossing of about $2,187,463,944.

2. Avengers: Endgame (2019)

As the days go on, this film gets closer and closer to breaking the all-time record. The fact that it managed to gross 2 billion in a few weekends alone should be enough to show how well it’s performance has stood, but only time will tell when (or if) it eventually break the record.

As of now, it has a Worldwide Grossing of about $2,733,401,768.

1. Avatar (2009)

Only about 10 years apart from it’s most fierce competition and 12 years ago from the film, it broke the record of, Avatar wowed audiences alike with its incredible visuals that had never been seen in a cinema at the time. Although it has since then grown an overrated image for itself, it still wows film fans to this day. Making this the first and only a time a Film director (James Cameron) managed to break his own record for such a high accomplishment.

As of now, it has a Worldwide Grossing of about $2,787,965,087.

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