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Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Park Is Now Open In California


Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge theme park was introduced to the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California on Friday. The 14-acre park gives fans a realistic look into the universe of Star Wars. As soon as they step foot on the property, the first thing in sight is the iconic Millenium Falcon ship, which can be flown via simulation.

Get a look inside Disney's brand new Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge park in just 60 seconds! pic.twitter.com/LrR3roIB1U

— IGN (@IGN) May 31, 2019

The idea for Galaxy’s Edge was introduced in 2015, with construction beginning in 2016. As a part of the fully-immersive experience, fans are able to visit Oga’s Cantina for Star-Wars inspired cocktails, or the Black Spire Outpost to shop for apparel and other goodies. Also available is a build-your-own-droid shop where fans can customize a droid reminiscent of the fan-favorite R2-D2, before visiting some of the other features and attractions.

“Our intent is to make it feel as if you just walked into one of the movies… Bringing Star Wars to life in the physical world gives us the opportunity to play with a whole bunch of things we’ve never done before,” said Scott Trowbridge, creative director for Walt Disney Imagineering.

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge is "the most immersive land that we've ever built," says Disney's chairman of parks https://t.co/r2AzsMHKKv pic.twitter.com/6yZK5hOft9

— CNN International (@cnni) May 30, 2019

While the area gives the feel of being separate from Disneyland itself, guests who would like to visit Galaxy’s Edge must buy tickets for the overall Disneyland theme park. The price of the one day passes vary on a daily basis, but the base price currently sits at $149 per person.

Due to the large demand for entry into Galaxy’s edge, they are currently operating on adjusted entry format until June 24.

Lines, lines, and more lines for opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland this morning. pic.twitter.com/HOVrmTuonk

— Mike Sington (@MikeSington) May 31, 2019

Online registration opened up for a select amount of people interested in the opportunity, but those spots filled quickly. So for those who were not able to get registered during that first wave, the end of June is the earliest that they can expect to visit the park.

The second version of Galaxy’s Edge is expected to open at Disney’s Hollywood Studios theme park in Florida later this year.


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