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Halsey Has Finally Convinced Me That ‘Old Town Road’ Isn’t So Bad After All


Despite the fact that Lil Nas X’s mind-blowingly huge smash hit “Old Town Road” has seemingly infiltrated the playlists of all of the United States’ various different demographics, I personally have not been able to get into it.

Not only do I not enjoy country music, but I really don’t enjoy that kind of rap, either. I’m more of a J. Cole, Chance, (old) Drake, (old) Kanye, Kendrick, Mac Miller (RIP!) rap type of guy.

But now, six months after “Old Town Road” was originally released on December 3, 2018, I may have finally been convinced that perhaps it’s not that bad after all.

All it took to convince me was Halsey — who, similar to Rita Ora, is one of those pop stars that you see everywhere but aren’t quite sure if you’ve ever heard one of her songs — tweeting out a late night video of her dancing to the half-rap/half-country tune with the caption “when someone says ‘cowboy themed birthday party’ and you already own the chaps.”

when someone says “cowboy themed birthday party” and you already own the chaps @LilNasX pic.twitter.com/domL4lpP5i

— h (@halsey) May 16, 2019

As for how in the hell “Old Town Road” has become a cultural phenomenon, it really is one of those things that can’t only be explained by the inexplicable and unpredictable nature of virality in the 2019 landscape of social media.

Following its initial release, the track eventually became the #1 single on the Billboard Hot 100 chart — the fifth-shortest #1 single in the history of the Billboard Hot 100.

After the success of the initial track, a remix with country star Billy Ray Cyrus was released, yet again raising the song’s visibility to another level. Similar to the original, the remix also hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

But despite all of the single’s chart-topping success, this Halsey video may be its defining moment.

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