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SWAT Team Responding to Reports of Man with Gun Inside Columbus McDonald’s


Police and the SWAT team in Columbus, Ohio, are currently responding to the McDonald’s near E. Broad Street and Weyant Avenue after a man with a gun was reported to be inside.

As a result of the reports of an armed person, East Broad Street has been closed in both directions while police investigate the scene.

Furthermore, police have asked civilians to avoid the area at this time. It is unclear how many police units have responded to the scene.

At the time of this writing, there are no reports of any injuries or fatalities. Additionally, there is no description of the suspect or any indication of what type of weapon he is armed with.

Police have yet to provide any further information about the situation at this time.

mcdonalds on google maps

Google Maps

McDonald’s, founded in San Bernadino, California in the year 1940, is one of the most iconic restaurants in both the United States and across the world.

Currently located in over 100 countries, McDonald’s is by far the world’s largest restaurant chain as it serves approximately 69 million people per day. Additionally, McDonald’s is the fourth-largest employer in the world, as it currently employs over 1.7 million employees.

The fast-food chain sells classic items such as burgers, fries, soda, chicken sandwiches, breakfast food, milkshakes, wraps, salads, and desserts.

McDonald’s famously turned into the behemoth it is today following the 1955 introduction of businessman Ray Kroc, who purchased the founder’s equity in the company and began to bring the brand to a national and global level.

Dramatized in the movie The Founder, Kroc was played by Michael Keaton.

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