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The Top 5 MVPs of “The Battle of Winterfell”


After years of battle, blood, and betrayal, Game of Thrones delivered their most epic episode of all time with the heart-stopping Battle of Winterfell.

But who was the Most Valuable Player for the Living in the future-of-humanity-defining fight against the Dead?


The Battle of Winterfell Most Valuable Players

Our Top 5 Most Valuable Players in the Battle of Winterfell:

5. Beric Dondarrion – Killed countless dead men with his flaming sword and saved Arya Stark, who ultimately went on to kill the Night King and win the Battle of Winterfell.

4. Ser Jorah Mormont – Commanded the Dothraki, killed countless dead and saved Daenerys’ life when she needed it most. He also died in her arms, giving him the noblest death he could have asked for.

3. The Red Woman – The wild card that the living needed, the Red Woman redeemed all of her various black magic sins with her ability to channel the fire of the Lord of Light.

2. Danerys Targaryen – On the front foot the entire Battle of Winterfell, Daenerys willingness to spring into action — something Jon sometimes tends to severely lack — saved the living forces multiple times.

1. Arya Stark – This one doesn’t need much explanation, she RACKED up a body count and killed the Night King.

After receiving inspiration from the Red Woman — who clued her in on the fact that she could wear the face of a White Walker — Arya was only one who was able to get near the Night King thanks to her faceless man trick.

While Arya killing the Night King had been theorized amongst fans for some time now, the actual moment was far

Who were your Top 5 MVPs of the Battle of Winterfell? #GameofThrones

5. #BericDondarrion
4. #Jorah
3. #TheRedWoman
2. #Daenerys
1. #AryaStark

— COED (@COED) April 29, 2019

The eighth and final season of HBO’s Emmy Award-winning series ‘Game of Thrones’ — which first premiered back in 2011 — will conclude it’s epic eight-season run on Sunday, May 19.

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