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Is XXXTentacion Alive? Another Hoax Surfaces About The Late-Rapper


When XXXTentacion was shot and killed in South Florida, there were plenty of theories that the rapper did not actually die. That led to some wild conspiracy theories and they resurfaced months after his death.

So, what do the rumors state?

A fake news report claimed XXXtentacion was “found alive after turning himself into the authorities. the formerly dead rapper claimed he did it to punk his fans for a new concept albums hes releasing called the dangers of fake news. This new album will be discussing the dangers of lying, fake news and slander and it’ll be coming out this year at record stores and streaming services.”

It is not the first time that XXXtentacion death hoax rumors have surfaced, either.

From Snopes.com:

This isn’t the first time that conspiracy theorists have claimed the 20-year-old musician staged his own death. While we won’t address all of these rumors individually, it should be noted that XXXTentacion’s family held a public memorial, including an open casket, shortly after his death. This, of course, would have been difficult if the musician were still alive:

Of course, this is not true.

The actual information on XXXTentacion’s passing can be seen below.

What Happened?

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Florida-based rapper XXXtentacion was shot in Miami, according to multiple reports on Monday, June 18. According to eye-witnesses, XXXtentacion was reported “lifeless” and had “no pulse” in the immediate aftermath of the shooting. He was reportedly shopping for motorcycles before a suspect open-fired on the rapper. Video has surfaced online that shows the rapper’s lifeless body slumped over in the driver’s seat of his car.

XXXtentacion released his debut album, 17, on August 25, 2017, and his second album, ?, was released on March 16, 2018. The second album debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200, with multiple singles entering the top 30.

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