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Muzamil Addow: Photos, Full Story & Must-See Details


The York Regional Police in Canada has issued a nation-wide arrest warrant for 28-year-old Muzamil Addow, who is wanted for his suspected role in the armed kidnapping of Wanzhen Lu in Markham, Canada.

Addow allegedly participated in the abduction of the 22-year-old Lu in Markham back on Saturday, March 23, 2019. He is the third person to be wanted by police in connection to Lu’s abduction.

The other two men wanted by police have been identified as 33-year-old Hashim Abdullahi and 37-year-old Abdullahi Adan.

Lu is safe now, as Canadian police say that the 22-year-old was able to escape three days after being taken by jumping out of a moving van, despite the fact that his hands were duct-taped in front of him.

via The Star:

Lu said after he escaped, he ran into the bushes and hid, before finding his way into the yard of resident Dave Wynn in Gravenhurst, about a two-hour drive from Markham.

Wynn told the Gravenhurst Banner that Lu was “scared sh–less,” when they met at the bottom of his driveway before 10 p.m. on March 26.

“I guess they beat him up a little bit and Tasered him when they kidnapped him . . . you can look into somebody’s eyes and know they are distraught and he was just rattled . . . they hooded him, so he didn’t know where he was and he was out in the cold in just a sweatshirt and jeans,” Wynn said.

“He still had the duct tape on his sweater as he managed to get the hood off him . . . he was one scared young kid,” he continued.

At this time, Addow is considered armed and dangerous. Anyone who sees or comes into contact with Addow should contact authorities immediately.

That is all the information that is available at this time. This article will be updated with new and relevant information should it become available at any time. If there is anything that we missed, please feel free to send an email to editor@teamcoed.com and we will respond as soon as possible.

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