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Tech N9ne Caught In Death Rumors While Traveling Back From Europe


Tech N9ne, born Aaron Dontez Yates, was at the center of some confusion on social media early Monday morning. News began swirling that rapper Tech 9 had passed away and some immediately thought that the news was referring to the Strange Music founder.

While a rapper did, in fact, pass away, it was not the 47-year-old Kansas City-born rapper who is known for his fast-rhyming Chopper flow.

The rapper who did pass away was battle rap pioneer Tech 9, whose real name is Akeem Mickens.

Tech N9ne confirmed that he is still alive in a black and white video on Instagram.

“This Tech N9ne is going through customs back in the U.S., coming from Canada, coming from Europe. Condolences to the battle rapper Tech 9,” Tech N9ne said in the video. “He’s been battling for years. I’ve observed many a battle of his. Condolences to the family.

“My family is calling my phone wondering if I’m OK. I’m OK. My condolences go out to the battle rapper, Tech 9. Philly, stand up.”

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Additional information on Tech 9’s death can be seen below.

What Actually Happened?

Tech 9, a prominent battle rapper, has died, according to reports. The news broke on Monday, March 23, with an outpouring of messages on social media. Fellow battle rapper Buttah From The Block confirmed the news that Tech N9ne, born Akeem Micken, has passed away.

At the time of this writing, an official cause of death has not been confirmed.

“Sadly it’s true. We lost a Philadelphia and battle rap legend and pioneer,” Buttah From The Block told XXL in a statement. “Unfortunately we haven’t fully figured the cause of death. We are praying that it was natural causes. He had no signs of harm done to his body.”

Our deepest condolences go out to Tech 9’s family and friends during this incredibly difficult time.

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