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When Is Chance The Rapper’s New Album Coming Out?


While Chance the Rapper has been teasing what he calls his “Owbum” for some time now — presumably his fourth major album release, following 10 Day, Acid Rap, and Coloring Book — that hype has seemed to be picking up legitimate steam over recent weeks.

Following his marriage to longtime childhood sweetheart Kirsten Corley, Chance seemed to hop straight back into music mood as he began promoting what sure sounds like a new tour on Twitter.

In a series of tweets fired off around Noon on Wednesday, March 20, Chance listed a bunch of cities that he would be having shows in following the his “Owbun drop”. He also teased a full-blown music festival in his beloved hometown of Chicago.

Including the apparent festival in Chicago, Chance the Rapper also announced concerts in seven different cities: New York City, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Seattle, Houston, St. Louis, and Miami.

But if there’s a new tour in the works, then that means the new album has to drop sooner rather than later. Perhaps, even, on Friday, March 21.

On Chance’s Twitter account, a calendar emoji can be seen next to his name marking the date “Mar 21.” However, there is no calendar emoji for March 21, as the calendar emoji that iPhones come with is set to July 17.

chance the rapper


So, what does it all mean? Frankly, it’s tough to decipher, as Chance has been purposefully vague about “Owbum”, what it means, and when it can be expected.

That said, we’re fairly confident that March 21 date teased in his Twitter bio has to mean something, so the only question that remains is what exactly Chance decides to give us on that day.

Editor’s Update: It appears that the March 21 emoji appears that way on Twitter specifically, as it is the founding date of the social media platform. The emoji appears as July 17 on Apple, Google, and Samsung.

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