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Shane Keisel Identified As Jazz Fan In Heated Exchange With Russell Westbrook


Shane Keisel has been identified as the Utah Jazz fan that was recorded getting into an altercation with Oklahoma City Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook.

The tense exchange between Westbrook and Keisel, which happened during the second quarter of Monday night’s Jazz vs Thunder game in Utah, was recorded on video and quickly went viral after being posted on social media.

In the video, Westbrook can be heard telling a nearby security guard “I’m going to tell you one thing, I’ll f*** him up if he says that s*** again. I promise you.”

“I promise you. You think I’m playing. I swear to God, I swear to God, I’ll f— you up. You and your wife, I’ll f— you up,” Westbrook says.

Things get heated between Russell Westbrook and Utah Jazz fans again. “I’ll f*ck you up. You and your wife,” he says. Not sure what these fans said to him, but he also had issues with Jazz fans during the postseason. pic.twitter.com/LquwRmLVNy

— Eric Woodyard (@E_Woodyard) March 12, 2019

In a postgame interview, Westbrook claimed that Kessell said “get down on your knees like you’re used to”, a comment that Westbrook considered to be “inappropriate” and “racial.”

Speaking to ESPN, Thunder point guard Raymond Felton confirmed Westbrook’s account of events, saying that its “just not right for Russ to have to deal with that when they said something to him first, and they said something totally disrespectful.”

Keisel also spoke to reporters after the game, claiming that he merely said to Westbrook “ice up those knees” before “he [Westbrook] just went nuts.”

Shane Keisel, the Jazz fan who was involved in a verbal altercation with Russell Westbrook during the Jazz loss to the Thunder, explains his side of what happened. @KSL5TV @kslsports #nba pic.twitter.com/ScCSRttTCg

— Jeremiah Jensen (@JJSportsBeat) March 12, 2019

However, while Keisel claims to have been acting innocently and having “fun” with Westbrook, telling ESPN that the altercation “started off as fun” and that Westbrook was “smiling at one point”, ESPN’s Taylor Twellman and other Twitter users pointed out in a series of tweets that Keisel has a history of saying disparaging things about Westbrook and using the n-word on an account he seemingly managed.

Amazing how many people are BELIEVING “the fan” > @russwest44. “He didn’t say anything offensive!”
You really believe that?! The tape doesn’t lie so use YOUR 🧠.
🤮🤯🤬😳 pic.twitter.com/cqHedIGrAK

— Taylor Twellman (@TaylorTwellman) March 12, 2019

Shane Keisel, the Jazz fan who got in the altercation with Westbrook tonight told him to “Get down on your knees like you’re used to.” Keisel has since deleted his Twitter. He is a racist, and should be banned from NBA arenas/games. No room for derogatory comments like that. pic.twitter.com/taBh8tUaMF

— Juan Gutierrez (@AirForceJuan11) March 12, 2019

Wow Shane Keisel the truth shall set you free…what a racist pos! Nice to have a safe court side seat to yell unpleasantries, try saying anything like that on the streets pic.twitter.com/Aw6IkgkOIo

— shaunkyser (@shaunkyser) March 12, 2019

Keisel has since deleted his Twitter account and cannot be found on Facebook or LinkedIn.

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