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This Is The UFC Drinking Game You Need In Your Life


The Ultimate Fighting Championship is the premier mixed martial arts promotion in the world with fight nights seemingly every weekend. But if you ever need a way to ramp up the fun during events, a little bit of booze can always spice things up.

Whether it be your favorite beer, like Modelo, the official sponsor of the UFC, or Nemiroff Vodka, the promotion’s official vodka, we can all indulge in a few drinks as the fights go on.

Of course, you have to drink responsibly.

UFC Fight Night Drinking Game Rules

UFC Drinking Game


In the cases that Joe Rogan is not on the call, there are also some additional rules you can keep in mind.

Before each bout, pick your favorite fighter. If your fighter is knocked out, you have to finish your drink. If they are taken out in the opening frame, go ahead and shotgun your beer to drink away the misery. And speaking of misery, if any fighter is the victim of a nutshot, pour one out for the homies.

If you really want to spice things up:

  • All players must begin each round with a drink
  • Drink every time your fighter is taken down
  • If your fighter is taken to the ground, chug your drink for as long as they are being controlled
  • Take two sips if your fighter refuses a glove touch
  • Take a drink every time they say “historic” or “history”
  • Chug Whatever you currently have in your hand if there is a new champ
  • Drink any time a fighter’s name is mispronounced
  • Take a drink if Joe Rogan says someone has a world-class skill
  • Take a shot every time Herb Dean is the third man in the cage
  • Chug your drink if Bruce Buffer breaks out the “Buffer 360”
  • Finish drink if someone’s mouthpiece falls out

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