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WATCH: Amazon’s Alexa Hilariously Owns Tech Executive At Conference

Selective focus on Amazon Echo dot version 2, the voice recognition streaming device from Amazon on table. February 24 2017


This week, Amazon’s Alexa decided to give some attitude during a demonstration at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. A Qualcomm representative was presenting to the crowd when he tried to show off some of the new capabilities Alexa has.

The rep was discussing how Alexa can recommend hotels and restaurants in your area while you are driving.

Unfortunately, Alexa wasn’t having any of that.

“No, that’s not true,” the Amazon assistant can be heard saying in a video that surfaced on social media as the crowd erupts in laughter.

The interruption came during Qualcomm’s demo of the Snapdragon Automotive Cockpit platform. The presentation was to show how Qualcomm chips allow drivers to interact with the Amazon assistant while on the road, according to New York-based tech reporter Tina Trinh.

The video was shared by ID TechEx technology analyst Dr. Lulu Jiang on Twitter.

Qualcomm got a comment from Alexa: “not, that’s no true.” at CES News conference #CES2019 pic.twitter.com/IwEOpJuURT

— Lulu (@drlulujiang) January 7, 2019

Well played, Alexa. Show that rep who is boss.

This is just the latest entertaining story to feature Amazon’s Alexa. In recent months, we have seen a six-year-old boy from New Jersey got busted using an Amazon Echo to help him cheat on his math homework and the device literally laughing at people unprompted. We may all need to be careful moving forward, because it’s possible that the devices are planning some type of mass revolution.

Be wary, we have been warned.

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