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This 16-Year-Old Kid Is Graduating From High School AND Harvard In Spring 2019

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What were you doing when you were 16 years old? Regardless of what you think you may have accomplished, we can guarantee that Braxton Moral has you beat.

The 16-year-old is set to graduate in May of 2019.

But no, Braxton isn’t just graduating from high school early. He is set to graduate from Harvard University. That’s right, the 16-year-old student will be graduating from Ulysses High School in Kansas on May 19, 2019, and then from Harvard on May 30, according to the Hutchinson News.

Braxton will be graduating from Harvard with a Bachelor of Arts with a major in government and minor in English.

Good on you, kid.

How was this all possible? According to Braxton, he has been taking online courses from the Harvard Extension School since junior high, along with classes during summer break from high school.

“I’ve been going to Harvard now half as long as I’ve been going to regular school, so it’s really become a part of my life,” Braxton told the New York Times. “To see the conclusion and the results and the rewards of that, it’s a really an exciting prospect for me.”

The Times also explained how Braxton ended up in the Harvard extension program, and it was all thanks to Duke University.

While Braxton was still in elementary school, his parents were contacted by the Duke University Talent Identification Program, a nonprofit organization that helps gifted students.

“They said he was having existential depression,” Ms. Moral said. “It’s where you’re like, ‘What’s my purpose? Is there a God?’ It’s something that most people have — a midlife crisis. He had it like, in fifth grade.”

The program said he needed to be stimulated. When Braxton’s father was researching potential options, he learned about the Harvard Extension School, Ms. Moral said.

The rest is history, and now the genius young man is looking towards a potential career in politics after pursuing Harvard Law School.

If there was ever a politician we could root for, it is Braxton Moral.

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