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Instagram App Update Eliminates Infinite Scroll: Twitter Reacts

Instagram On iPhone X


Instagram users woke up on Thursday, December 27, equal parts annoyed, frustrated, and confused. The social media app introduced a new update and it eliminated a key part of the app. Gone are the days of infinite scroll for Instagram and people were not happy.

As part of the update, Instagram removed its scrolling feature and introduced a new way for users to navigate the app.

Rather than scrolling through the photos of those you follow, you must either click through or swipe right.

If you attempt to scroll, you get this message: “Introducing a new way to move through posts. Tap through posts, just like you tap through stories. Tap to see the next post.”

Dear #instagram, I really hate this update, please bring back the scroll.

Sincerely, everyone. pic.twitter.com/hsTO9xDxQ7

— Melissa G (@melissa_golds) December 27, 2018

As per usual, people were unhappy with the update and immediately took to their other social media app of choice to complain. One user immediately compared the app update to Tinder.

“Instagram, if I wanted tinder, I would have downloaded tinder,” Elle Mills wrote.

instagram, if i wanted tinder, i would have downloaded tinder.

— Elle Mills (@millselle) December 27, 2018

Then, you had your typical meme approach.

“Instagram HQ watching everyone collectively lose their shit over this update knowing everyone is just gonna keep using the app anyway.”

Instagram HQ watching everyone collectively lose their shit over this update knowing everyone is just gonna keep using the app anyway pic.twitter.com/MjOCFRuBIH

— jon (@prasejeebus) December 27, 2018

Those do not have the “auto update” feature were more pleased.

me going on instagram to the non updated version pic.twitter.com/yI5BzT2ZLj

— tammi (@barcelanna) December 27, 2018

If you guys are whining about instagram’s update just go use instagram++ smh

Twitter for Airpods™ pic.twitter.com/YX5Ame6rBP

— ツ (someone hire me) (@Toggles) December 27, 2018

Us- “Can we go back to posts being in chronological order?”

Instagram: pic.twitter.com/76ysl05EPV

— アート (@YourBoyArt) December 27, 2018

Why has Instagram updated to be like snapchat stories?… the platform that’s literally DYING because of their updates….

— Kiera Bridget 🥩 (@Kierabridget) December 27, 2018

Back in September, the founders of Instagram left Facebook Inc. because of reported growing tensions with CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Because of the new update, some are floating out the theory that it played a role in their ultimate departure.

Just a reminder: Instagram's founders left Facebook in September "over the direction of the photo-sharing app." Something tells me this change was a point of contention. https://t.co/9ZKIzEGvk9 pic.twitter.com/xHgZZ5tw8K

— Jozen (say Joe-Zen) (@jozenc) December 27, 2018

Whatever the reason, we will have to see whether Instagram users simply adapt to the new timeline feature or whether Instagram caves and removes the update. Considering there are more than 1 billion Instagram users around the world, we have to imagine a little bit of complaining on other social media apps won’t be enough to garner a change.

What are your thoughts on the new update? Sound off in the comments section below.

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