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LISTEN: Layzie Bone ‘Let Me Go Migo’ Stream & Download: Migos Diss Track

Layzie Bone 'Let Me Go Migo" diss track cover art

Layzie Bone

The latest rap beef between Bone Thugs-n-Harmony rapper Layzie Bone and Atlanta hip hop trio Migos is ramping up. After going after the trio on social media after Migos claimed to be the “biggest group in the world,” Layzie Bone decided to pick things up with a brand new diss track that takes direct aim at the group made up of Quavo, Offset, and Takeoff.

The latest shade from Layzie Bone comes in a track dropped on Wednesday, December 26 titled “Let Me Go Migo.”

He kicked off the track by rapping, “Woke up this morning right after the beef, I ain’t ‘gon lie I was thinking ’bout peace. Thought for one second like boy you a beast/So f*ck them young n*ggas like f*ck the police.”

The direct shot at Migos reads:

N*ggas is fly as flamingos, but will never fly as far as wings go

This is why you won’t Takeoff, they say Quavo is your boss, and Offset you just look lost

Get out the way and let me go

If that wasn’t enough, the song also samples “Walk It Like I Talk It,” while 21 Savage catches some stray thoughts when Layzie Bone decides to mimic his flow.

“Hol up here’s my savage flow, this sh*t feels too average tho,” Layzie Bone continues. “This lil n*gga done lost his mind disrespecting my marriage yo.”

And now, we just have to wait and see whether any of the Migos rappers respond to the diss track or if 21 Savage decides to take things into his own hands, too. In a perfect scenario, all of the above would happen.

All of the information you need to listen to the new diss track from Layzie Bone can be seen below.

Layzie Bone ‘Let Me Go Migo’ Details

Song: ‘Let Me Go Migo’
Artist: Layzie Bone
Genre: Hip Hop
Release Date: December 26, 2018
Run Time: 3:17

Layzie Bone ‘Let Me Go Migo’ Audio & Lyrics

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