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Kevin Spacey Responds To Numerous Sexual Assault Allegations In The Worst Way Imaginable

kevin spacey apology video


Have you ever been in the literally worst situation of your life and thought to yourself “Well, how can I make this worse?” Hopefully, you have a brain screwed on to your head and have avoided that option. But there are people out there who aren’t as intelligent … there are people out there like Kevin Spacey.

A little over a year ago, allegations against the Academy Award-winning actor poured in from all corners of the globe, accusing Spacey of everything from the uncomfortable moments to full-blown attempted rape. Those allegations prompted Spacey’s original, wildly botched apology where he came out as a gay man was also considered to be a disaster.

Following Spacey’s original disastrous apology attempt, the actor appeared to be laying low, accepting that his pervy and devious sexual habits have cost him his illustrious career.

But then, on Christmas Eve of 2018, Spacey returned literally out of nowhere to release a YouTube video called “Let Me Be Frank”, where he appears in character as this iconic Frank Underwood from House Of Cards to address the allegations made against him.

Needless to say, it was as big of a disaster as it sounds like.

“I know what you want,” Spacey said. “Oh sure, they tried to separate us but what we have is too strong, it’s too powerful.”

“I know what you want: you want me back,” Spacey continues. “Of course some believed everything and have been waiting with bated breath for me to confess it all. They’re just dying to declare that everything said is true, that I got what I deserved. Wouldn’t that be easy? If it was all so simple?”

“Despite even my own death, I feel surprisingly good, and my confidence grows each day that soon enough you will know the full truth,” Spacey said

At this point, seeing Kevin Spacey at anything bigger than a B-movie at this point in his career would be an utter shock.

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