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Martin Garrix Net Worth 2018: How Much Is Garrix Worth?

Martin Garrix performing at his concert


There are no words out that can accurately describe Martin Garrix’s creativity in music. But we can come close for sure. Martin Garrix is one of the icons in the EDM world as he continuously produces beats deep enough to hit you in your emotions. In other words, Martin Garrix never disappoints. But despite just working all the time, Garrix is also known for his travels. So for a man to be this successful, how much money does he have in order to live such a carefree life? We got you here.

Martin Garrix Net Worth As Of 2018: $22 million

Being at just 22 years old, he’s already amassed such a significant amount of money doing what he loves. A respectable characteristic about him is that despite the amount of money he has, he is described by people as “humble and inspirational.” Living the dream already, let’s take a look at what he does and how he lives his life.

Early Life: 1996-2011

Born as Martijin Gerard Garritsen on May 14, 1996, he grew up in Amstelveen in Netherland to Gerard and Karin Garritsen. Growing up, his music taste was always catered towards electronic music with Tiesto and Calvin Harris being some of his favorite DJs. His talent in music was expressed when he learned how to play the guitar at the age of 8, a feat that stands out itself. He went on to pursue music in Herman Brood Academy, a production school where he unsurprisingly, flourished with flying colors.


Garrix was discovered by Tiesto when he heard a few of Garrix’s mixes. Some of them were “Just Some Loops” and “BFAM,” which earned him a spot in the record label Spinnin’ Record in 2012. Through this record label, Garrix’s popularity blew up with his first song “Animals,” a track he created during his last year in school. This song became a number 1 fan’s favorite as it reached No.1 on Beatport and in numerous European countries. From here, he went on to collaborate with other DJ’s/Artists and produced other songs such as “Helicopter” and “Proxy”. His first major concert was at Ultra Music Festival, where he released a few of his new songs and collaborated with DJ giants Dillon Francis, and Hardwell and Afrojack. After this, Garrix appeared on DJ Magazine’s top 100 with him being at the 4th place.


Garrix went on to experiment with his music as he took it up a notch and produced progressive tracks that are softer than his usual beats, but still packed with the same excitement. He released tracks such as “Forbidden Voices,” “Don’t Look Down,” “The Only Way Is Up,” “Waiting For Love” etc. In August, Garrix announced his departure with Spinnin’ Records due to conflicts over the ownership of his music and filed a lawsuit against his then-manager Eelko van Kooten. Shortly after this in under a year, he released his own record label called Stmpd Rcrds, with goals of making it a platform for artists of all kinds.


2017 was definitely the year where Garrix stepped out of the electronic world to collaborate with other artists in various fields such as Dua Lipa, Troye Sivan, and Ed Sheeran. He also took up modeling as he became the face of Armani Exchange, a multi-billion dollar company. At the beginning of 2018, he and David Guetta produced “Like I Do” right after their single “So Far Away.” Besides his success in his career, he also found it in his love life, as he is currently dating his new girlfriend, Charelle Schriek. Though there was no official announcement, pictures have surfaced of them holding hands and enjoying each other’s company.

With his career and love life on track, he is probably set to retire at the age of 25 if he wants to. But for someone who hones such great talents, we all hope he never stops blessing us up.

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