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WATCH: White Woman Racially Assaulted Passengers On Brooklyn Subway

Anna Lushchinskaya assaulting other passengers on NY subway

Twitter / @PlatanoMan

A Brooklyn woman was captured in a video where she racially assaulting another passenger, as well as spitting on her, hitting her with an umbrella and a set of keys on a New York subway Tuesday, December 11.

She was then detained by another male passenger before arrested by the NYPD.

What Happened?

Anna Lushchinskaya, 40, was charged with felony assault following the wild incident around 8 A.M. on December 11 aboard the train in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, the NYPD said.

Two videos were posted to Twitter and Facebook by Juan Ayala, who’s username appears as Platano Man. The videos of the alleged incident showed what appears to be Lushchinskaya yelling racial slurs at the victim.

“F**k off!” Lushchinskaya shouts at a silent woman who is standing next to her and appears to be preoccupied with her phone. Lushchinskaya then started to swatting and kicking her. The victim also kicks back in self-defense but otherwise doesn’t react.

Lushchinskaya then began swinging her umbrella and a heavy keychain at the victim, even as multiple passengers tried to intercede.


— PL∆T∆NO M∆N™ (@PlatanoMan) December 12, 2018

When Lushchinskaya continued to hit the woman with her umbrella, Alaya can be heard saying: “It’s too early for this sh*t…she’s not even fighting you back.”

Other passengers kept trying to stop the raging woman, while one of them saying: “Lady, obviously you have problems.” Lushchinskaya then spat at another passenger and yelled: “F**king chink.”

The entire subway gasped and Ayala said, “Your white privilege isn’t working over here…you already know she voted for Trump.”

While filming Lushchinskaya, Ayala told her the video would be posted to the entertainment site “World Star Hip Hop.”

Lushchinskaya then muttered “Muhammed Atta” at Ayala. He informed her that he’s Dominican and said: “Did you just try to call me Muslim?”

Lushchinskaya knocked the man’s headphones to the ground and hit him. In return, Ayala wrestled her to the ground. “We gotta get her arrested,” he said. “We gotta detain her until the cops come. She spits on me, she assaulted me. She’s assaulting everybody.” When she stood up, Lushchinskaya spat on Ayala, who physically restrained her again.

Another photo Ayala showed Lushchinskaya getting hauled away by police.

Then she tried me so I had to detain her until the cops showed up 🤦🏾‍♂️ pic.twitter.com/C3UybusAxa

— PL∆T∆NO M∆N™ (@PlatanoMan) December 12, 2018

The NYPD Transit Twitter account announced Lushchinskaya’s arrest in a tweet saying: “Thank you to everyone who intervened and provided information.” The police spokesperson also called the 30-year-old a “Good Samaritan.”

Who Is Anna Lushchinskaya?

Anna Lushchinskaya, 40, of Sheepshead Bay, is a Gravesend resident who was caught on camera assaulting another Asian woman on a Brooklyn subway Tuesday morning.

She was charged with menacing in the second degree, criminal possession of a weapon, attempted assault, menacing, and harassment, all misdemeanors, according to a criminal complaint from the Brooklyn DA’s office.

According to the Daily News, Lushchinskaya was also arrested for assault in June 2018.

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