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Security Truck Gets Rear-Ended On NJ Highway, Sends Cash Flying Everywhere, Causes Chaos

people picking up money on highway

via @NickAmadorTV Twitter

An automobile accident involving a Brink’s security truck on New Jersey’s Route 3 caused chaos in the streets after money was sent flying all over the highway. Coincidentally enough, the accident and subsequent cash-free-for-all traffic happened in the shadow of Metlife Stadium, home of the New York Giants and New York Jets.

As someone who both grew up in the area and lives about twenty-minutes from this exact spot, let me tell you that traffic in that area is bad enough as is. Add in the fact that people are roaming the middle of the highway, and you have utter traffic madness, I can guarantee you that.

No joke…. it’s SNOWING money! Accident involving a Brink truck on Route 3 in East Rutherford sends cash flying. 💰❄@ABC7NY pic.twitter.com/zASqW6idG1

— Nick Amador (@NickAmadorTV) December 13, 2018

All things considered, this video is really about as Jersey as it gets. The accents, the stadium, the highways — Jimmy Hoffa’s body is probably buried within a stone’s throw of where this video was recorded. Honestly, that’s not even a joke, that’s just a good guess.

via NBC New York:

East Rutherford Police said one of the truck’s doors may have malfunctioned and become unsecured shortly before 8:30 a.m. Drivers leaving their vehicles to pick up the cash caused two accidents, police said.

In one video, a person can be seen attempting to collect some of the currency from the roadway. It wasn’t immediately clear how much cash spilled from the truck.

Brink’s “provides U.S. and global security services including secure logistics, cash management, payment and retail back office solutions,” according to its website.

A vice president with Brink’s said he could “confirm that there was an incident with one of our trucks this morning which we are investigating.”

And while it’s not clear how much money Brink’s actually lost, it was clearly enough to make people risk their lives to pick some up.

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