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Francesca Hung: Hottest Photos Of Miss Australia

miss australia taking a mirror selfie


A handful of Miss Universe contestants are facing some backlash for reportedly “language shaming” their fellow Miss Universe contestants.

In the lead up to the 2018 Miss Universe contest on Sunday, December 16, Miss USA Sarah Rose Summers, Miss Colombia Valeria Morales, and Miss Australia Francesca Hung posted a video that has been perceived as insensitive, as they discussed Miss Cambodia and Miss Vietnam’s inability to speak English.

“Miss Cambodia is here and doesn’t speak any English and not a single other person speaks her language. Could you imagine? Like Francesca said, that would be so isolating and I said yes. And I mean, just so confusing all the time. …Poor Cambodia,” they can be heard saying in the video.

Additionally, the three women can be heard saying that Miss Vietnam “pretends to know so much English” before Miss USA appears to mimic her smile.

Francesca Hung, one of the women in the video, served as Miss Australia in 2018. Hung, born on April 25, 1994, in New South Wales, Australia, is of Chinese-Australian descent.

In addition to being Miss Australia, Hung is a professional model and is studying for a Masters in Publishing at the University of Sydney after already earning an undergraduate degree in Arts and Sociology.

She represented Australia in the 2018 Miss Universe competition. Growing up, Hung said she felt ‘ugly’, as she has been quoted as saying (via NextShark.com): “Initially (my negative self-talk) was about my physical appearance; I thought I was unattractive and ugly to look at, and it stemmed from how I was always so conscious that I was half Chinese.”


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