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How To Battle The Horrors Of Black Friday

A person carries a back with "black friday" pasted on it.


Yes, it’s a horrible day that can bring some good. But, from what it is known for, Black Friday is an awful day. You are asking to be sent to the hospital when you are running into stores and malls for the best deals. Riots get started, weapons are involved, no matter how short your hair is it will be pulled. Why have such a fantastic day of Thanksgiving and then had a day that’s literally called “black Friday”? The name sounds scary. Now, we know you may not care about the horrors of Black Friday and still go out in the darkness. So, here are some tips on how not to end up in the hospital on black Friday.

Be There As Early As Possible

It’s going to sound mad, but you are the one going to black Friday, so you are already insane. Go early, as early as you can. Your goal is to be the first in line. The closest you are to the front the better access you will have to the entrance. Plus, you are surrounded by people who are happy they are at the front and not pissed off in the back. Early is better than late, it’s just obvious.

Bring A Group Of People

Don’t go alone, you are more vulnerable then. A group of people can scatter around the store or mall and get everything done faster. If you are alone, you are running around, panicking, and you are more likely to get into a fight with no backup. Be smart, even if it’s just one friend, you have someone to help you.

Have A mission

Create a plan, even a map of the store you are going to. Known where everything is so you aren’t frantically running around trying to find what you want. Plan your wake up time, how long it will take you to drive to the destination, know where the items are that you want, and most importantly bring your wallet. Do not forget your wallet, you will thank us later.

Make Friends

While you are in line, and you have mistakenly gone alone. Be kind to the others around you, that way you can make friends and find yourself a group. Be nice to everyone and don’t act like a douche bag. You are also less likely to get into a fight with anyone in line if you are nice to them.

Go Online

A3: Shoppers will always prefer human interaction and a tactile experiences when making purchases. Many are, however, willing to sacrifice those for the benefits of online shopping (e.g. convenience, ultra-fast home delivery, personalization, etc.) and cost-savings. #StartupChats pic.twitter.com/tS8gT4Isls

— Charles Crosbie (@CharlesCrosbie) November 16, 2018

Instead of risking your life on getting the best deal, do what every doctor is begging you to do, stay inside and go online. There is a luxury to online shopping. You will still get good deals, probably not the best when standing in line, but it’s a deal. Just take the deal without the hospital bill.

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