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Man Accused Of Chicken Joint Bomb Threat Claims He Was Referring To Taking A Dump

willie's chicken shack street sign in new orleams


Arthur Posey, a 30-year-old New Orleans mans, was charged with communicating false information of planned arson after he reportedly said that he was going to bomb a Willie’s Chicken Shack. However, Posey has since claimed that it was all a miscommunication and that he was actually referencing a bowel movement.

According to NOLA.com, New Orleans police officers responded to the Willie’s Chicken Shack on Canal Street around 7 p.m. EST on Tuesday, November 13, after Posey reportedly threatened to “blow the bathroom up.”

When responding NOPD officers arrived, Posey claimed that he meant “blow the bathroom up” in reference to a bowel movement.

The manager of the Willie’s Chicken Shack disputes Posey’s account, saying that Posey never mentioned anything about a bathroom.

Following his arrest, Posey was charged with two counts of communicating of false information of planned arson. Additionally, Posey is scheduled for a mental competency hearing on Thursday, November 29.

via NOLA.com:

According to the warrant, the restaurant’s manager said that a man later identified as Posey went into the restaurant and approached the food preparation area, then asked her what time the restaurant closed. She told the man she did not know when the restaurant closed, the manager told police. The manager stated the man then replied, “Y’all about to close right now because I’m going to get a bomb and blow this place up.”

The manager told police she “took the threat very serious” and notified her general manager, who instructed her to call police, states the warrant, sworn by Officer Trevor Abney. Abney wrote that the manager was “slightly shaking” as she spoke to the officer.

Another Willie’s Chicken Shack employee told police she heard Posey, “say he was going to get a bomb and put it under the middle table of the restaurant closest to the front door,” the warrant also states.

Posey will be represented by the Orleans Public Defender’s Office.

Willie’s Chicken Shack is a popular fried chicken fast food restaurant in New Orleans, Louisiana, that has multiple locations spread throughout the city.

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