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University Of Michigan Fraternity Shut Down Due To Hazing Allegations

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The Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity chapter at the University of Michigan has been shut down by the school due to allegations of hazing, including alcohol-related hazing.

According to various reports, the fraternity was removed from the university after an investigation revealed that active members took part in “forced alcohol consumption and violent physical hazing.”

MLive reports that the investigation, which was conducted by the university’s Hazing Response Team, found “substantial evidence of dangerous recurring practices within Alpha Sigma Phi’s new member process.”

The University of Michigan’s Interfraternity Council announced their decision to discipline the fraternity on Wednesday, November 7.

“These sanctions result from a Hazing Response Team investigation that found substantial evidence of dangerous recurring practices within Alpha Sigma Phi’s new member process, including forced alcohol consumption and violent physical hazing,” the IFC’s statement read in part.

via MLive:

UM’s Student Organization Advancement and Recognition review process, conducted by the justices of the Greek Activities Review Panel, led the IFC to unanimously vote to affirm the disciplinary actions.

Although the fraternity chapter opted to disaffiliate from the IFC in September, the complaint against it occurred while it was an active member, said Nicole Banks, UM’s assistant dean of students and interim director of Fraternity & Sorority Life.

“The university was investigating a complaint against Alpha Sigma Phi that occurred while the chapter was an active member of the Interfraternity Council,” Banks said in a statement. “Alpha Sigma Phi’s intention to disaffiliate voluntarily did not absolve the chapter of accountability for the pending complaint.”

Alpha Sigma Phi was one of six UM fraternities that decided to disaffiliate from the school in September due to changes in Ann Arbor’s zoning code.

The suspension of Alpha Sigma Phi at the University of Michigan is the latest major Greek life suspension, expulsion, or overhaul in the last year, as schools such as Indiana University, the University of Michigan, Ohio State University, Texas State, Florida State, Ball State, Louisiana State, and Penn State have all suspended fraternities for various reasons.

Fraternities have been suspended or expelled across the nation as Greek life organizations and universities attempt to grapple with the pitfalls of hazing, alcohol and drug abuse, and sexual assault.

Just last year, the University of Michigan canceled all Greek life events due to multiple allegations of sexual assault.

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