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NYU Will Be Opening Los Angeles Campus — DETAILS

NYU flag on a building in NYC


New York University revealed on Tuesday, November 6 that Los Angeles could be the university’s newest study away site, Washington Square News reports according to university president Andrew Hamilton. The announcement was made to a group of around 200 administrators at an Administrative Management Council Fireside Chat.

NYU Tisch & Other Programs Will Be Launching In L.A.

Red carpet is almost open! #TischMarksTheSpot #NYUTischGala pic.twitter.com/t1CpgcGz6L

— NYU Tisch School (@NYUTischSchool) April 16, 2018

John Beckman, the spokesperson of NYU, also confirmed that there will be a Los Angeles campus and said the university will work to provide opportunities to students across schools interested in music, film, media and more.

“What we’re thinking of is building on that base by having a program that will combine classroom work with an internship experience,” Beckman stated in an email. “It would be focused on those students who want to pursue careers in all things media, including both the creative community and the business community.”

NYU Tisch also set up newly open webpages titled “NYU In LA Mentor Program” and “Tisch Study Abroad” to assist students and alumni while experiencing life-adjustments in L.A. The website states that currently, the program begins in September and runs until late May. Applications are accepted once a year, from mid-June to early July.

“The Tisch Offices of Career Development and Alumni Relations have collaborated to create this mentorship program to facilitate your transition to the West Coast!” the site reads. “Designed for recent graduates and newly-arriving alumni, this program places participants in small support groups led by industry members, to help them begin their personal and professional transition to Los Angeles.”

Beckman also said that NYU is in the process of looking at real estate to house academics, alumni activity and student residences.

NYU Stern Of Business Is Also Interested

#BacktoSchool is finally here! Welcome to Stern, new students, faculty & all the new additions to our community! https://t.co/1VL1PNzvf4 pic.twitter.com/iOYUaAtn5h

— NYU Stern (@NYUStern) September 14, 2018

Washington Square News reports that Hamilton cited a significant number of students in Tisch School of the Arts, Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development and Gallatin School of Individualized Studies already studying in Los Angeles. Those pursuing careers in the film or entertainment industries often intern and work in the city.

Besides Tisch, Hamilton said the Stern School of Business is also interested “in being part of an increased emphasis on Los Angeles.” The school president stated that academics play the greatest role in the university’s decisions on where to open new sites, clarifying that neither students’ preference nor the appeal of the location should be deciding factors. With many students’ academic pursuits leading them to Los Angeles, Hamilton suggested the city would be a place to watch.

Currently, NYU hasn’t released the starting date of the program.

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