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Top 5 Cheapest & Tastiest College Snacks

Assortment of snacks in small bowls


In college, we have two problems that we just can’t control. One, spending money and two, eating. When you are in college money is tight, yet somehow we are always spending our money on something useless. Then comes the food. You hate the dining hall, so you go out and eat which is never a good option. You want to find a happy medium where you are easily satisfied with the food you are eating because it tastes good and your wallet is happy because it’s not empty. Here are the top cheapest and tastiest college snacks you can get at any convenient store for a reasonable price.

Ice Cream

One of the tastiest desserts, one that comes in different flavors. There are many types of brands with ice cream, we suggest getting the cheapest one like a Ben & Jerry’s or even a store brand ice cream. It’s not the most substantial meal since it is ice cream. But, it’s a craving for every college student. A sweet taste of your favorite flavor can make you forget you are in college until you finish the pint and have to go to the gym the next morning. But, don’t think about the consequences until you’ve actually finished the pint of ice cream. You won’t care about them while you are eating.

Ramen Noodles

The go-to meal for any college student. Add a little soy sauce, and you have a high sodium meal. But, who really cares about the calories? No one does in college. Ramen noodles should be in our basic food groups. There are some veggies in there, that counts. But, for beating hunger, Ramen noodles are always the go-to for any meal. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, even dessert.


4 Different Kinds of Goldfish Crackers Recalled Due to Salmonella Risk https://t.co/TpgT0qEc4F pic.twitter.com/FkIcCewAv2

— Shape Magazine (@Shape_Magazine) October 28, 2018

It really is the snack that smiles back. Like ice cream, you can get goldfish in different flavors. All of which are exploding with flavor in your mouth. You can’t help but finish a full bag of the small fish crackers. You can never have just one goldfish, not even just one handful. You need so much more. Every college student needs goldfish in their life.

Peanut Butter & Jelly

The childhood meal everyone needs to have in their life. Savory meets sweet. Something so simple as jam and peanut on bread puts a smile on your face. And every college student needs a smile on their face. Cheap ingredients that create the best sandwich you have ever had. And here is something that will blow your mind. Take your peanut butter and jelly sandwich and use a Panini press on it or stick it in the microwave. You will thank us when you try it.


Add a movie to this snack, and you have every college student’s weeknight. The smell, the taste, and the idea of watching a movie with it are much more intriguing than finishing your history paper. We don’t suggest you eat this snack and watch a movie instead of doing your homework, but a little procrastination couldn’t kill you. Just don’t blame us for failing a class.

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