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Chief Keef Caused A Roof To Collapse At Clemson University

clemson university party roof collapse


While viral party videos have become a staple of American college culture (some brands have built an entire social media presence on said videos), I truly don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like this video out of Clemson University. I don’t know where the phrase “bring the house down” came from, but this just re-defined it.

On Saturday, October 20, Clemson University students were out partying, presumably still drunk from tailgating their football team’s 41-7 domination of 22nd ranked North Carolina State. However, this party would be unlike any party they’ve ever been to before as the floor literally collapsed from underneath them, producing some truly wild scenes.

But what causes a party to get so lit, so crazy, so out of hand that the floor literally collapses? Chief Keef’s 2014 breakout hit “Faneto”, of course.

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#clemson #kappaparty #clemsonparty #floorcollapse @FoxNews @foxcarolinanews @FoxCarolina @CNN @cnnbrk @ClemsonNewsNow footage from the floor collapsing party in Clemson. 10/20/18. pic.twitter.com/uNPXIY3jzm

— Riccasso 🎧🎙🐺 (@_RickTheRuler_) October 21, 2018

In fact, the scene was so wild that it elicited an official response from the university:

Clemson officials were notified early Sunday morning of an incident at the Woodlands Apartments in the City of Clemson.

City police informed Clemson of the incident, and Clemson University EMS and Clemson University Fire coordinated triage and transport of those injured.

— Clemson University (@ClemsonUniv) October 21, 2018

Unfortunately, six people were hospitalized as a result of the incident.

via Fox News:

A school spokesman said six Clemson University students remain hospitalized after they were hurt during a weekend party when the floor collapsed at the clubhouse of an off-campus housing complex. Clemson police said 30 people were hurt early Sunday when the floor gave way during jumping and dancing at The Woodlands of Clemson clubhouse.

The university said 29 of the 30 were Clemson students. Clemson associate vice president Joe Galbraith told news outlets Monday that six were hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries.

Clemson planning and code director Todd Steadman said there was an occupancy limit of 135 people for the upstairs portion of the clubhouse that collapsed. He says the school is reviewing security video to determine how many people were on the floor when it failed.

Mr. Keef, whose latest album Mansion Musick is out now, has yet to respond to the video.

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