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Alexandra Suchocki Photos: Full Story & Must-See Details

Alexandra Suchocki florida nurse racist snapchat


Alexandra Suchocki is a registered nurse in Florida that is under fire for a racist Snapchat message she uploaded. The message, which referenced her police academy trainee husband James Peach, uses the N-word.

Suchocki’s racist photo message was originally posted on Snapchat before it was screenshotted and shared on Facebook.

James: What are you making for dinner?

Me: I just cleaned the whole house. Does it look like I have the word n***er written across my forehead?

*James holds me down and writes n***er across my forehead*

The photo was uploaded to Facebook by Danielle Shaunta Woodward, who wrote that she wanted help “in sharing this post so Alexandra and James know just how welcomed they are to our community.”

via Facebook:

“Hey FaceBook Friends & Family! A friend of mine was kind enough to share this photo with me. I’d like you to meet Alexandra Suchocki. Alexandra just so happens to be an ICU Registered Nurse who works for our very own Lakeland Regional Health. Lakeland Regional Health prides itself on it’s ability to provide constant development and training on diversity and inclusion. Lakeland Regional, it looks like Alexandra must have missed that training.

I apologize, where are my manners, Alexandra’s delightful spouse mentioned in the snap below is James. From what I understand James is currently training in the Police Academy to be a Sheriff. Not only are we hiring racists in the medical field but here we go again; another to add to our Service team! Way to go Polk Sheriff.

Friends and Family, please help me in sharing this post so Alexandra and James know just how welcomed they are to our community!

Ps: I am not associated with this person at all. This was sent to me and I felt the need to exercise due diligence. I see her and I have some “mutual friends” please be so kind to tag her! ”

Suchocki, who was an ICU registered nurse who works at Lakeland Regional Health in Lakeland, Florida, has since been fired.

The Lakeland Regional Health gave the following statement to Heavy about Suchocki’s employment:

“On Sunday, October 21, Lakeland Regional Health learned that a racially discriminatory social media post was made by an employee. Our organization is committed to an environment free of discrimination and harassment. Offensive conduct or harassment of this type is prohibited. As of today, October 22, this individual is no longer employed by Lakeland Regional Health.”

alexandra Suchocki racist florida nurse snapchat

Suchocki’s Facebook

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