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2018 Graduation Gift Guide: Top 10 Cool Gifts For Recent Grads

Graduation Gift Guide


For most of their young lives, American students wait until June to graduate from school, but college students usually get out earlier, sometime in May. Obviously, it depends on both the school and when people finish their finals, but your best bet is in May. Look, they need the extra month because they’ll need all the help they can get to look for work. The point is if you have an upcoming college graduate in your family or friend group, now is the time to figure out what to get them for a present! Now, if you are still having problems figuring out what to get the grads in your life, even after all these years, we’ve got you covered. Take a look at some of the gift ideas out there!

‘Be Optimistic’ Felt Badge


Because Heaven knows optimism needs to go a long way for recent grads out there. Life is about to get them good. Coming in various colors, it can be sewn into your clothes and backpacks; I just wouldn’t recommend sewing it into any clothes you’re planning on wearing to interviews. Unless you are already planning to make a statement, that is. These badges can be purchased online for around $6.

Roku Express

Roku Express

Any grad probably wants a break from books and to catch up on all those television shows they’ve been missing out on. Using Roku Express, any television with an HDMI port can be transformed into a streaming service, at a good price, too, I might add. You can purchase the Roku Express for around $30.

‘F In Exams’ Book


Uncommon Goods

After fighting tooth and nail to pass your exams, now is the perfect time to look back at your studies and laugh. This book answers common test questions in ways that would make Amelia Bedelia think you’re crazy. Just make sure not to give anyone this book until after they graduate; you might just give them ideas and, well, they won’t be a graduate. The book could be purchased for around $8.50 online.

Anywhere Travel Guide

Anywhere Travel Guide

Sure, most grads are sick of flashcards, but this time it will be fun! They can help you plan a road trip out of thin air or maybe even plan your next step in life. At the very least, it is probably the most subtle way to politely ask someone to finally leave your house. This set can be purchased for around $12.95 online.

Smartphone Valet & Planter

Smartephone & Valet Planner

Nature and technology join together in this nifty case that doubles as a smartphone valet and a planter. What better way for a grad to prove that they are an adult than you to showcase that they are capable to taking care of living things all the while being responsible enough to know where they keep their charger. It kills two birds with one stone. It just makes sense. This gift can be purchased for around $60 online.

Blue Apron Gift Card

Cooking, Food

What better way to teach people to cook than to give them a gift card that will pay for groceries that get delivered straight to your house! Eventually, they might just start to like it. It’s the perfect way to wean people off of instant ramen. If it helps, Blue Apron even sells ramen-based dishes that also use actual food! Baby steps, people. Baby steps.

Amazon Gift Card

Gift Cards

Some gift cards, like above, have a specific purpose. Others might be a bit more vague, which is a good thing since you never know what life might throw at you. Uncooked food isn’t really helpful to someone who doesn’t have a stove. Free shoes don’t help people without feet if the old adage is to be believed. You can purchase them online for a base price of $2.99, complete with stylish black envelopes, just keep in mind they are otherwise worthless until you load additional value.

Keuring Coffee Maker

Coffee Maker

Every grad needs to know that if college didn’t already get you addicted to coffee, the real world soon will. You’re fighting a losing battle as much as you think you like tea. Especially if you like tea. This coffee maker is the perfect excuse to get the grads in your life to start drinking coffee. You can purchase it for around $95 on Amazon.

Stanley 65-Piece Homeowner’s Tool Kit

Learning how to take care of yourself can certainly be scary. You can at least help someone start by giving them the tools they need. Obviously, puns are intended with this gift idea. Even if your grad avoids using this, either think of it as a counterpart to those art kits you used to buy them all the time as a kid or take comfort that, unlike that, they’ll eventually have to learn to use these tools if they want to leave home. The price varies with this gift, but you can purchase it for around $45 online.

2018 Honda Civic Si

Honda, Car

Okay, okay, normally saving up to buy your first car is a stepping stone. That said, it can be really nice to buy someone their first car. Don’t forget, that car money can go towards funding their way out of the nest; this is very important if they actually live with you. It’s also the best way to guilt someone for the rest of your life and that kind of power is always worth the price. With its turbocharged 1.5-liter inline four-cylinder engine, the Civic is a top choice, and the Si is so sporty that it speaks for itself.

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