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COED’s Quick Fix: Everything You Need To Know Today – 3/15



What a glorious day it is to be alive.

It’s Friday Jr. and the NCAA Tournament starts today, which means Daddy (me) is gonna be getting a little drunk and doing a little sports gambling after work, kick the weekend off a little early.

Speaking of kicking off the weekend early, I have this one degenerate friend who actually took off from his super cushy job for the next two days to get hammered and gamble. What a time to be alive indeed.

Some personal news before we get started — yesterday I published my 5000th (!) article for COED, so I decided to write a little story about how I got here if you have any interest.

Anyway, to COED’s Quick Fix: Everything You Need To Know Today.

Pop Culture

– Lil Dicky, aka The Time Traveler’s Wife, is BACK with a hilarious new single, “Freaky Friday”.

– Sean Bean discussed what he thinks Ned Stark’s last words were. I still miss you dearly, Ned.

– Brazilian soccer star Neymar Jr. may need to workshop his Stephen Hawking tribute, just a little bit:


– The NCAA Tournament kicks off today at 12:15.  Today’s game schedule:

– To all of my avid gamblers out there, I have one thing to say to you before the weekend:

-The second leg of the Europa League Round of 16 is today, with Arsenal hosting AC Milan in the marquee matchup of the day:

-Last night’s NBA scores, even though the entire league is essentially on auto-pilot until the playoffs start:

News & Politics

– National School Walkout Day was yesterday, with hundreds of thousands of young adults across the country walking out of class to protest our nation’s gun laws:

-Democrat Conor Lamb won a Pennsylvania House Seat in a special election.

College News

– Police responded to reports of a gunman on the Northwestern University campus, however, the reports turned out to be a hoax:

– A University of Idaho fraternity was shut down to hazing allegations.

Viral Randomness

– Drake … big Fortnite guy:

Instagram Photo

– Hey man, I think your scoreboard is broken:

Instagram Photo

– Summer is a mere three months away (kinda):

Instagram Photo

Hottest of the Day

– Genie Bouchard for SI:

Instagram Photo

– I still can’t decide if I find Cardi B attractive — a true existential crisis for ya boy:

Instagram Photo

– Rachel Bush’s body bottles the mind:

Instagram Photo

Quote of the Day

“Introduce a little anarchy. Upset the established order, and everything becomes chaos.” – The Joker

Song of the Day

You can follow Eric on Twitter @eric_italiano and on Instagram @ericitaliano .

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