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Vine 2: One Year After Vine Shutdown: Details & Updates

Vine Shutdown


January 17, 2018… One year has passed since Twitter announced that it would be shutting down Vine, the six-second video app that changed the way people viewed online video content. Let’s be real, Vine was easily one of the funniest things to happen to the internet in a long time. Those six-second videos would have you laughing for hours, not to mention the relatable ones that were eventually turned into viral memes and jokes.

Vine was one of a kind, and although it may not be available in the app store, the videos that were posted didn’t go anywhere. Vines are all over social media sites like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. You can even go on Youtube and find vine compilations, which are videos featuring a bunch of the best vines created (also a great way to procrastinate, just saying.)

Vine also brought fame to a lot of people. Shawn Mendes, a pop singer who is currently finishing up his world tour, started out singing clips of songs on Vine in 2013. Andrew Bachelor, better known as King Bach online, recently appeared on The Mindy Project and just executive produced a movie called Where’s The Money? 

So, why exactly did Vine shut down?

Although I’ll never understand the reason, it is said that Vine shut down because it couldn’t stay profitable. After being officially discontinued in January 2017, its successor, Vine Camera, totally flopped. The creators came up with HQ Trivia, a trivia app that includes a live game show. The app has recently racked up over one million players in a single game!

The NY Times wrote this in 2016 on Vine:

“Why did people love Vine? I can’t tell you; I’ll have to show you. Just know this: Vines turned nonsense into short bursts of hilarious art.”

Although we may not all have totally moved on after the devastation of the Vine shutdown, we can find peace in the fact that its legacy is safe and the vines aren’t going anywhere, even though the app did.

Ever since December, Dom Hofmann — the creator of Vine — has been teasing a follow up to Vine – called… Vine 2. Not much is currently know about the upcoming app, but we will keep you update as more news comes out in the coming months.

So for now enjoy this video of some of the best vines ever, and again RIP Vine, we’ll never forget you.

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