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Top 5 Best Customized Xbox One Controllers


Customized Xbox One Controllers

If there’s one thing Gamers love, it’s the ability to show off their love for their favorite system anywhere! Whether it’s through their clothes or the stickers on their system, we love showing it off. So why not take it a step further and show our creativity on our controllers.

All over the internet, people have been posting pictures of their customized Xbox One controllers and we had to show off some of our favorites! From NFL branded custom controllers to ones for the people who may like to play their games a little “ripped”, we’ve rounded up our five favorite custom Xbox One controllers here!

Check out our top 5 customized Xbox One controllers below:

1. Xbox Design Labs


This year, Microsoft unveiled a new program called Xbox Design Lab that allows Xbox One owners to customize their very own Xbox One controller however they like! From funky colors to monochromatic schemes, you can create to your heart’s content and design the controller that fits your color palate! Starting a $65.99, these customized controllers are exclusive to you and can be engraved to make sure no one else has the same controller!

Visit Xbox Design Lab to create your custom controller.

2. Controller Chaos

Controller Chaos

Controller Chaos has been around since the days of the PS3 and Xbox 360 and while some time has passed, their controllers have only gotten crazier and better! With hundreds of pre-made custom controllers and the ability to create your own from a wide variety of colors, images and fonts to truly create your own custom Xbox One controller! Looking through them all, I instantly fell in love with this Rogue Squadron inspired Star Wars Xbox One controller! The detail and work on it is astounding! With almost every style looked after at Controller Chaos, the only decision you’ll have to make is which controller you really want!

Another one that made me chuckle was this “Purple Kush” inspired custom controller!

Controller Chaos

Visit Controller Chaos to build your customized controller.

3. SCUF Infinity

SCUF Gaming

Many of the world’s top Gaming Pros use the SCUF Infinity series… and for good use! The Scuf Infinity1 features: four removable paddles, electro-magnetic remapping, adjustable hair triggers, quick shift trigger stops, interchangeable thumbsticks, high grade grip and control disc to allow complete and total control over your game. Designed to use primarily with FPS games, this controller is a favorite among players of the Call of Duty, Battlefield, and Borderlands franchises!

Starting at $119.95, this premium and elite controller will help you rise to the tops of the leaderboards in no time!

Visit SCUF Gaming to create your custom SCUF Infinity1 today.

4. Xbox Design Labs – NFL Controllers


Your devotion to your NFL team just got a whole lot more complicated! Xbox Design Lab recently unveiled their latest line of NFL inspired custom Xbox One controllers! Featuring all of the NFL teams, these controllers can be another reminder for your favorite team! Choose from favorites like the New England Patriots or go a little more risky with the Green Bay Packers… No matter what, choose your team!

Visit Xbox Design Labs to create your custom NFL Xbox One controller!

5. Evil Controllers

Evil Controllers

Evil Controllers is another company that makes custom quality Xbox One controllers with Pro Gamers in mind! With modding support to help you become the best in any match and color styles and designs to die for, Evil Controllers has some of the coolest controllers on the market… just like the Titanfall inspired one above! Most of the mods that come on the controller work in almost all shooters and include features like: Rapid Fire, Adjustable Rapid Fire, Left Trigger Rapid Fire, Akimbo Rapid Fire, Drop Shot, and Fast Reload!

Visit Evil Controllers to create your own.

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