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Oktoberfest Beers 2017: Top 10 Most Popular ‘Festbier’ Beers In US


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With all the Halloween parties out there, it can be tempting to forget the other celebrations in October, like the Oktoberfest, a folk festival lasting over two weeks originating in Munich, even if it technically does start in September. Over the years, similar “Oktoberfest” events have popped up over the years throughout the United States. Sure, most of them are just an excuse to drink lots of beer, but it is also an excuse to drink lots of beer. Yeah, now that I say it out loud, I don’t see the problem. After the 2017 event folded earlier this month, we have the 10 most popular Oktoberfest beers (also known as a ‘Festbier’) in the United States, courtesy of The Street. And if a beer isn’t your style, remember, you can always just enjoy a nice salted pretzel.

10. Bayerische Staatsbrauerei Weihenstephan

Where It’s Brewed: Freising, Germany

This company might not be in Munich, but at least its German, and drinkers in the United States are starting to take notice.

9. Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Company

Where It’s Brewed: Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin

Say what you will about Wisconsin, but this brewery was at least founded by German immigrants. Besides, the people who know about cheese probably have a few tricks up their sleeve.

8. Brooklyn Brewery

Where It’s Brewed: New York City

This brewery has bases in Australia, Japan, Sweden, Norway and South Korea, so let’s just hope it hasn’t forgotten its German roots!

7. Hacker-Pschorr

Where It’s Brewed: Brau, Munich

Of course, with all this talk about Wisconsin and Brooklyn, we shouldn’t forget Munich is the place that started it all! Serving as a traditional “face” of the event, I’m told their beer goes well with roast chicken, duck, bratwurst and even pork knuckles!

6. Victory Brewing Company

Where It’s Brewed: Downingtown, Pennsylvania

Despite popular belief, the Pennsylvania Dutch were actually German, not Dutch. The name comes from a mistranslation of “Deutsch,” the German word for, well, “German.” In other words, it’s a state with a tradition to uphold.

5. Great Lakes Brewing Company

Where It’s Brewed: Cleveland, Ohio

Taking a few twists on a classic, this company’s ‘Festbier’ is said to be smooth and somewhat maltier than the traditional drink. Regardless, it is said to go well with pretzels.

4. Paulaner Brauerei

Where It’s Brewed: Munich

Of course, Munich deserves to be on this list more than once!

3. Spaten-Franziskaner Brau

Where It’s Brewed: Munich

Third time’s the charm! Known for its crisp taste, this brewery has been importing beer to the United States since 1909!

2. Privatbrauerei Franz Inselkammer/Brauerei

Where It’s Brewed: Aying, Germany

Then again, Munich was outdone by a Germany brewery in Aying. Get your stuff together, Munich!

1. Boston Beer Company

Where It’s Brewed: Boston

And yet, Boston somehow ended up winning the game! With originating with German tradition, this brewery went for a maltier and somewhat Americanized taste, even spelling “Oktoberfest” with a “c” instead of a “k.”

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