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National French Fry Day Deals: Where & How To Get Free French Fries


National French Fry Day is finally upon us! This means French fry deal galore in many local eateries and fast food chains. If you’re a fry aficionado, then you’ll want to sink your teeth in these special deals on a day all about dem fries.

Thursday, July 13, 2017, is a day entirely dedicated to French fries. How will you celebrate this extra fried day on a Thursday? Will you track down the tastiest fries in town and chug them down like a cold beer? Or will you stick around and find out where and how you can get your paws on some free fries?

National French Fry Day Deals: Where & How To Get Free French Fries And More


On July 13th, BurgerFi isn’t just offering free WiFi. They’re also giving out a free regular-sized fries with the order of any burger or hotdog.


Of course, the world’s famous golden arches is going to get involved with National French Fry Day. McDonald’s is offering an order of free medium-sized fries via the French fries king’s app. This offer is not only on National French Fry Day, but it extends until September 7, 2017.


Looking to get your hands on some free curly fries. First, you’ll need to order a Brown Sugar Bacon Sandwich. Arby’s will toss you some curly fries plus a free drink to quench your thirst.


If you decide to buy Parmesan frites or regular fries on July 13th then be sure to ask for a refill. This order will enable you to receive endless refills. The fries will just keep on coming!

Dairy Queen

This chain isn’t offering free fries on this day. However, if you decide to buy a small order of fries, it will only run you $1.


This restaurant is offering a coupon, which you can download right here. What does this coupon offer? Well, $1 off chili-cheese fries, of course! This offer extends to the end of July. Time to get your pawns on some chili-cheese fry!

Chickie’s & Pete’s

This chain is located in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. They’re offering $1 Crabfries on Thursday, July 13th. While you’re there you can watch the fry eating contest. It’s too late to enter, but not too late to watch.

Burger King

The King isn’t offering free fries for the masses today. However, you can still get a fair deal of two cheeseburgers, a small drink, along with an small fries for only $3.49.

Thank you for the memories, french fries!

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