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TUF 25 Finale & Prelims Results, Johnson vs Gaethje: Live Updates & Must-See Highlights


It’s time to watch people get their heads knocked in! Yes, welcome to The Ultimate Fighter 25, folks! This even is headlined by Justin Gaethje vs. Michael Johnson. But we’ll great right to the action at the bottom of the card…

By the way, Jessica Eye vs. Ashley Ladd has been scratched from the card.

TUF 25 Finale: Fight Time, TV Channel & Viewing Details

Event:TUF 25 Finale: Michael Johnson vs. Justin Gaethje
Date: Friday, July 7, 2017
Pay-Per-View Time: N/A
Main Card Time: 9:00 P.M. ET on Fox Sports 1
FOX Prelims Time: 7:00 P.M. ET on Fox Sports 1
Fight Pass Prelims Time: 6:00 P.M. ET on UFC Fight Pass
Location: T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada
Broadcast: Fox Sports 1, UFC Fight Pass

Gray Maynard vs. Teruto Ishihara

Maynard hits the first takedown of the contest. Ishihara wiggles his way to the fence and tries to slide out, but Maynard takes him down once more. Teruto is finally to his feet with 2:45 to go. He hits a punch and attempts a flying knee, but gets caught by Maynard again and taken down. Ishihara works his way back up and hits Maynard with a big body kick. This only stuns Maynard briefly as he immediately pounces with his own body shot followed by another takedown. Three sick elbows to Teruto’s head. Maynard has that guy mounted. Gray Maynard clearly wins round 1 (10-9).

Maynard kicks out round 2 with a combo of offensive moves. Ishihara fires back with a left, but slips up. Teruto back up, but gets nailed to the mat with a double leg takedown. Ishihara gets up once more, but gets taken down again by Maynard. Ishihara does his best to gain ground, but Gray is way too vicious. Teruto gets back to his feet after Maynard gives him some air to breath. But isn’t long before Ishihara is back down on the mat.

Gray Maynard starts round 3 like a lion going in for the kill. He circles his opponent for 20 seconds, ducks a punch before taking his opponent to the mat. Maynard lands a few knees and attempts to hook a kimura lock. Ishihara is able to slide out, but eats some knees to the side from Maynard. Gray is on the floor and Ishihara is unloading on his opponent with a series of kicks. The referee wanrs Teruto to stop. Maynard returns to his feet. Both men square off and Maynard once again regains control.

Gray Maynard defeated Teruto Ishihara by unanimous decision (30-26, 30-26, 30-26)

Juliana Lima vs. Tecia Torres

Towards the middle of the second round, Lima shoots on Torres, but the move is turned around to a rear-naked choke and Lima is in serious trouble. Tecia Torres makes Lima tap out in her first win by stoppage.

Tecia Torres defeats Juliana Lima by rear-naked choke in round 2 (0:53)

Light Heavyweight Division: Ed Herman vs. C.B. Dollaway

Herman hits a big shot to Dollaway’s ear to start off tonight’s match. Dolloway immediately goes on the attack to regain ground. Dollaway tries to drive his knees into Herman. Dollaway takes down Herman, hitting him in the head with elbows. Herman squirms and Dollaway attempts to gain control on the mounted competitor. Herman works his way up, but Dolloway has him locked with mat wrestling.

Dollaway is all over Herman. Dollway attempts a Peruvian Necktie, but Herman is able to squirm out. However, Dollaway is still all over his opponent like flies on sh*t.

At the start of round 2, Dollaway nails a big kick on his opponent. But Herman fires back with a heavy hit that knocks Dollaway on his arse. Herman now has Dollaway floored. Both men return to their feet, as they are jockeying for position inside the octagon. Herman hits another hard punch that floors Dollaway. Now, Herman is on Dollaway like flies on sh*t. Dollaway fights out with shots to the face and a left heel hook. Herman works his way out of the submission and hits his opponent in the face with a big right hand. Herman has Dollaway mounted once again. Dollaway is trying desperately to squirm out.

Towards the end of round 2, Herman is hitting Dollaway with clubbing blows to the head. But Dollaway counters, knocks down and mounts Herman to finish off the round. There’s a cut above Dollaway’s left eye via an elbow shot from Herman.

At the start of round 3, Herman shots on Dollaway and knocks him to the mat. Dollaway reverses the mount and starts striking Herman in the head and body. Dollaway remains on top of Herman for much of round 3. Herman tries to fight out and attempt a submission towards the end. But Dollaway won’t let up with the ground and pound. Dollaway ends this fight on top of his opponent.

C.B Dollaway defeats Ed Herman by unanimous decision

Fact: This is Dollaway’s first win since May 31, 2014.

Welterweight Division: James Krause vs. Tom Gillicchio

Tom Gillicchio gains control early on and tries to trap Krause in a submission hold. Krause escapes and both men are jockeying for position. Krause is able to execute a sick kick to Gillicchio’s face. Krause hits some hard punches to the face and Gillicchio smiles. Gillicchio is having trouble hitting Krause. Krause is solidly in the control as we end the first round.

Tom tires to take the fight to James, but gets a hard hook to the face for his troubles. Gillicchio is getting vicious, taking the fight to Krause. Both men trade shots and back up. Gillicchio has heart. He fights through every punch. Tom is a bloody mess, but continues fighting like a fierce pitbull. Krause lands the last punch to end round 2.

Krause punishes Gillicchio in round 3. But Tom stays up and takes each punch and kick like a champ. Gillicchio still has a sh*t load of fight in him. No matter how much he’s losing, he’s still going for another punch and another takedown. In the last minute, Gillicchio attempts to come back, but he immediately gets shutdown by Krause with punches and a hard kick to the face. Tom still tries to shoot on James, but Krause has Gillicchio grounded with a series of punches to the temple. Both men return to their fight and James tries to strike on Krause, but gets a knee to the face. Despite that, Gillicchio keeps throwing hands. There’s no quit in this guy. But the fight ends and it’s clearly in the favor of James Krause.

James Krause defeats Tom Gillicchio via unanimous decision

Strawweight: Angela “Overkill” Hill vs. Ashley “Spider Monkey” Yoder

Both women exchange shots. Ashley Yoder showed us just why people call her “spider monkey” when she hooked herself around Hill’s body in a submission. Hill fights her off. Both strawweight competitors trade hands.

Yoder shoots on Hill at the start of round 2. Hill is grounded and Yoder is hitting her opponent in the body and head with shots to neutralize the feisty strawweight. Yoder has Hill grounded for a while. Ashley isn’t performing many shots on her grounded opponent. The referee tells Yoder to get busy. Yoder hits some body shots. But Hill works her way to her feet. Yoder tries to hook-in another submission, but Hill takes her down to the mat and hits her in the face with hard strikes. Hill has Yoder grounded now. Both women return to their feet. But Hill is in the lead with 14 more shots than her opponent.

Angela Hill is showing off why she got the nickname of “overkill” in the third round. Hill dominates and shows Yoder what true hell feels like. But that resilient spider monkey fights it out all the way to the end.

Angela Hill defeats Ashley Yoder via unanimous decision

Light Heavyweight: Jordan Johnson vs. Marcel Fortuna

Jordan Johnson defeats Marcel Fortuna via unanimous decision

Brad Tavares vs. Elias Theodorou

Brad Tavares defeats Elias Theodorou

Light Heavyweight: Jared Cannonier vs. Nick Roehrick

Cannonier leaves Roehrick a bloody mess by the end of round 2. Jared hits Nick with a series of shots to the face. Roehrick hits face-first on the steel cage. Cannonier capitalizes with a flurry of punches.

Both men are jockeying for position in round 3. They trade shots. And then Cannonier goes off on Roehrick like a wrecking ball, hitting him in the jaw with a front kick followed by a devastating elbow. Jared mounts Nick and fires away with elbows to his opponent’s head. The referee stops the fight.

Jared “The Killa Gorilla” Cannonier defeats Nick Roehrick via TKO

Lightweight: Marc Diakiese vs. Drakkar Klose

Diakiese attempts a crazy high kick, but misses. The underdog Klose takes down Diakiese and grapples with the red-haired fighter. Diakiese counters and knocks his opponent in blue shorts down to the mat. Klose tries to fight out, but Diakiese has his opponent locked. Diakiese breaks free and reverses the momentum, taking his opponent down to the floor with a couple well placed shots (including a kick that Diakiese crumble). Diakiese fights out and tries to hook Klose legs in a submission. Klose fights out, but Diakiese quickly regains control by mounting his opponent as round 1 comes to an end.

Marc Kiakiese may have shown too much flash in this match. Diakiese missed a kick and got taken down. Both men trade shots. Diakiese attempts to throw a punch to the chin, but slips and pays for it.

Diakiese starts off the fight fast and vicious. But Klose s really showing his fangs in this match, as he won’t let up on his assault. This fight goes to the underdog.

Drakkar Klose defeats Marc Diakiese by unanimous decision

Dhiego Lima vs. Jesse Taylor

Jesse Taylor comes in hot in round 2 with a series of strikes and slips up. Lima capitalizes on the opportunity and pounces on Taylor. Big f**king mistake! Taylor locks grapples with him on the ground and locks in a rear-naked choke. Lima taps out. Jesse Taylor just won a $290 thousand check.

Jesse Taylor defeats Dhiego Lima via submission.

Lightweight: Michael Johnson vs. Justin Gaethje

Michael Johnson ends Round 1 like a beast, rocking Gaethje with rapid-fire offense; a lightning fast flurry of shots.

Gaethje definitely got paid back on Johnson in the second round. Johnson is definitely stunned by Justin’s shots to the face, body and leg. Michael fights back and rocks Justin. But Gaethje just keeps firing back relentlessly. Johnson’s nose is dripping blood. Justin’s continues the onslaught. Michael falls down on two occasions and the referee gives him a bit of time to recuperate each time. Then Gaethje goes on the attack with punches and a high knee to his opponent’s face. Justin continues the punches and the referee stops the fight.

Justin Gaethje defeats Michael Johnson by TKO in the second round

TUF 25 Finale Fight Card

Main Card (9:00 P.M. EST on Fox Sports 1)
Michael Johnson vs. Justin Gaethje
Dhiego Lima vs. Jesse Taylor
Marc Diakiese vs. Drakkar Klose
Jared Cannonier vs. Nick Roehrick
Brad Tavares vs. Elias Theodorou
Jordan Johnson vs. Marcel Fortuna

Prelims (7:00 P.M. EST on Fox Sports 1)
Angela Hill vs. Ashley Yoder
James Krause vs. Tom Gillicchio
Ed Herman vs. C.B. Dolloway
Jessica Eye vs. Aspen Ladd – SCRATCHED

Prelims (6:00 P.M. EST on UFC Fight Pass)
Gray Maynard vs. Teruto Ishihara
Tecia Torres vs.  Juliana Lima

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